Monday 18 November 2019
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Why Messaging Apps are Vital For Brand Promotion?

Why Messaging Apps are Vital For Brand Promotion?

Over the years, the way in which brands are promoted, has changed significantly. Earlier, only offline promotions were enough. But with time, online presence became essential and gradually social media started playing an important role in promoting the brands. Now, it seems we are seeing a new way of marketing. People are now interested in using chat apps more than social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Can these chat apps be used by brands for marketing? Check out this post to know more.

On New Year’s Eve, former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney launched a surprise collaboration with Kanye West. The song was promoted in different social media accounts of Paul McCartney with a link to iTunes where the song could be downloaded. While numerous likes, comments, retweets, etc. were obtained in different accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; Line, the chat app from Japan, sent push notifications to more than 10 million plus fans.

How Powerful is Push Notification?

There is no algorithm to guide the Timeline of Line. Users will be able to see items from people they follow. If they want to ignore an account, they can block them out. In Line, brands cannot pay to plant the messages in the Timeline of the users. Hence, the promotions are genuine.

In case of the promotion of the song, you can get an idea how effective it might have been with push notifications sent to more than 10 million followers along with the message and link to Soundcloud.

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Apart from Line, there are other chat apps that rival social networks. WeChat is a popular chat app in China and it has become an essential tool for brands that want to reach out to consumers there. In Korea, Kakao Talk is the ultimate chat app with more than 90 percent installations on the country’s smartphones. It also provides accounts for brands.

In 2015, the demand for chat app among brands and advertisers will not be limited to Asian market.

Recently Kik, an app which claims to have membership of 80 percent of American youth, have allowed brands to open accounts in their platform. Snapchat is planning to launch a platform in Asian style.

While we are talking about chat apps providing brands an opportunity to promote their products and services, Facebook Messenger is missing from the list. We can hope to see this app and others doing the same in the future.

Do you use chat apps? Which one do you like the most? We would like to hear your thoughts on this.



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