Monday 9 December 2019
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7 Must-Have Apps to Make your Home a Better Place to Live In

7 Must-Have Apps to Make your Home a Better Place to Live In

Your smartphone can prove to be a really smart device when loaded with the right apps. It can help you to change your home and make it a better place to live in. There are many effective apps which can assist you in your home improvement. By using the modern technology of your smartphone, which include touchscreen, accelerometer, GPS, camera and more, the different apps created by developers can help you out with DIY projects. You can renovate your house in a big way or you can just redecorate it. Irrespective of your requirement, the home-improvement apps can come in handy.

Here are 7 amazing apps that you can use to improve your home.

  • Handy

Handy app- Book trusted home cleaners & handymen

If you don’t have the time or resources to renovate something or fix it, you can get the app- Handy. True to its name, this app provides you with every professional service help you might need for renovating your home. You will be able to schedule for and order services like furniture assembly, painting, electrical work and plumbing, right from your smartphone.

  • RoomScan

RoomScan app - The app that draws floor plans by itself                                                                                                                                                 Image:

Measuring the dimensions of your room can be extremely tedious if you are equipped with an old tape measure. In this advanced world, why not try out RoomScan app? You can create a floor plan of your home in details just by tapping your phone on the walls of your room.

  • Adornably

Adornably app                                                                                                                                           Image:

Buying furniture items will become easier with Adornably. The app uses augmented reality technology to give you a virtual 3D representation of an item in your place. You can move that around your room and see where it fits best. You will get the exact idea about how the item will look in your place and you can buy it easily.

  • MagicPlan

MagicPlan - floor plan app                                                                                                                              Image:

The MagicPlan app also has the same functionality as the RoomScan app. But in this app, you will get the measurements of your room with the camera of your device, instead of tapping it on the walls. Click a few pictures of your place and you have the measurements.

  • TapPainter

TapPainter Lets You Virtually Paint Your Home In Any Color                                                                                                                                       Image:

Painting your walls virtually will give you an idea how they will look in real life. Among many virtual painting apps, the TapPainter is one of the best. With different algorithms, the app can find out the shadows, lighting distribution and wall edges. By using that info, the colors are applied on your wall virtually.

  • Fountain

Fountain app                                                                                                                                      Image:

Though the app is in beta mode, it is still very useful. It is a video chat service with which you will be able to connect with experts in the home improvement area in real time and get their advice. If you get stuck on some issues, you can get instant help and proceed with your work.

  • iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter app                                                                                                                      Image:

iHandy Carpenter is a must-have app which you can get at $2. You will get 5 tools in the app which include bubbler lever bar, a plump bob, a protractor, a surface level and a ruler. All your carpenting needs will be fulfilled with this app.

These are seven awesome apps which you should definitely posses if you love to go for DIY home improvement projects.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Have you used any of the apps mentioned above? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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