Friday 22 November 2019
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Top 15 Apps that Lets You Earn Cash

Top 15 Apps that Lets You Earn Cash

Who doesn’t want to earn some extra money in their spare time? I bet you have thought at least once that every month instead of getting bills, wouldn’t it be better if you get money for using your smartphone. Well, this is no joke. You can now actually earn money by using certain applications in your smartphones. Excited, aren’t you? Hold on to that excitement for a while and check out 15 apps to earn those extra bucks whenever you feel like.

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  • Ibotta

You can earn cash by shopping for your regular brands and products. Unlock the day’s discounts before you start shopping by answering a trivia question or posting on social media. Go to the store and pick up products for the day’s discounts. Once you check out, you need to use the redeem button and click an image of your receipt to confirm your purchases. You can cash out with Venmo or PayPal once your account has $10 or more.

  • Viggles

Viggles can be used to identify the songs you are listening to or videos you are watching. As you open the Viggles app, it will be able to identify any show you are watching or the song you are listening to. For every show or song you interact with using the app, you earn points. You can redeem the points to get electronics, trips or gift cards.

  • Slidejoy

When you install this app, an ad will be there as the lock screen background of your phone. You will earn money each time you unlock your phone, irrespective of whether you engage with the ad or ignore it. Each month you could earn from $5 to $15.

  • App Trailers

For watching a 30 second trailer for any app or for engaging with some apps, every time you will be paid through the App Trailers app. The more you watch, the more points you will collect. The points can then be used for gift cards or cashed out with PayPal.

  • Mobee

This fun app can give you extra cash while you go shopping undercover. Pick out any local store and choose a survey. Answer questions and earn points. Exchange the points for gift cards or hard cash.

  • Receipt Hog

This app is a rewarding way to transform your receipts from daily shopping into cash, irrespective of the place where you are shopping or the product you are buying. Take pictures of the receipts and get rewarded in points by the “hog.” You can redeem the points for Amazon gift cards or PayPal.

  • Surveys On The Go

This app also asks you to take surveys and get paid in return. You can earn from $0.25 to $5 for each survey. The data of the survey is bought by political campaigns, market research firms and companies. You can get cash with PayPal.

  • Shopkick

You can earn points or “kicks” for walking into stores, purchasing products or scanning items. You can get rewards and redeem the kicks for different products or gift cards. You can collect kicks just by walking into the stores. Find out deals and trending products before you start out shopping.

  • Inbox Dollars

You can take surveys, play games, or surf the web in exchange for cash. You can request for payment once you earn $30 and get a check within two weeks. If you want to just try out the app, you can get around $5. The users of Inbox Dollars have received over $30 million. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Bookscouter

If your old books are lying on the bookshelf and collecting dust, why not sell them out? Bookscouter app will help you do so. You just have to scan the barcode of the book with your smartphone and the app will allow you to compare the payment of more than 20 different buyback companies.

  • TaskRabbit

Become a “Tasker” with the TaskRabbit app and website and add to your income source. You can get paid for the things you are good at doing. Once you are approved as a Tasker, you can fix an hourly rate, generally starting from $30 per hour. You can build IKEA furniture, run errands for somebody, drive, gift wrap, walk the dogs or organize any work for those who request your service through TaskRabbit.

  • Gigwalk

You can complete small tasks within your society and earn money with Gigwalk. The activities include taking a picture of any product display after going to a store, taking a survey after visiting a store and checking the price of a product. Users are paid through PayPal.

  • Pact

Working out and eating healthy can not only be helpful for your health but also for your pocket. You have to take oath to work out for sometime or eat healthy meals or vegetables each week. Depending on how many tasks you pledge, you can earn around $5 per week. However, if you miss a commitment, you will be fined $5. This keeps you motivated to remain in track.

  • Snap by Groupon

You will get rebates on groceries with this app every week. You can earn money easily. Go to the store, purchase products and click a picture of your receipt. You can cash out, once there is $20 in your account. You can even earn when you refer a friend to this app. You will get one dollar for each referral.

  • Ebates

Get the chance to earn cash back from more than 1700 stores. When you shop online, you can see the cash back percentage of that company through Ebates. You can also use in-store coupons and see the comparison in price whenever you scan any product with the app.

So, now you can earn some extra money or redeem points to get gift cards and more with these useful apps. Don’t waste your spare time. Instead start taking advantage of these apps and earn extra bucks.

What about you? Do you use any of these apps? We would like to hear your thoughts.


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