Thursday 12 December 2019
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5 Must-Have Apps to Improve your Culinary Skills

5 Must-Have Apps to Improve your Culinary Skills

Improving your culinary skills and creating lip smacking delicacies is now no longer a problem, thanks to the advancement in technology. Wondering how technology can help you make great food?

All you have to do is equip yourself with a mobile device and the right apps, and you are all set. Your table or smartphone will turn into a digital cookbook, thanks to the numerous recipe apps available in the market. The apps are not just about finding out new recipes and organizing them; they can be used to organize menus, track shopping lists and more.

We bring you top 5 must-have recipe apps which you can download in your mobile devices, free of cost.


  • Pepperplate


Pepperplate is an app which can be used for iOS, Android as well as Windows 8 devices. Both chefs and home cooks can use this app. You can enter your favorite recipes manually or you can import them from websites. You can mix different recipes to develop a custom menu which you can use for special events or even regular meals. Now you can cook many dishes simultaneously with this app, as it has multiple timers and a cook mode which does not let the screen sleep or become dim.


  • Evernote Food


This app for iOS and Android devices can help you to find a good place to eat, sort out recipes and more. You can save recipes in your own cookbook and use it later. Every step of the cooking procedure can be documented along with pictures and notes that are there in the recipe entries. A map and location based restaurant view helps you to find out new restaurants which you can visit later.


  • BigOven


Whether you are a free user or a paid one, you can get a host of recipe management features in this app which is compatible with Windows Phone, Android devices, iPhone and iPad. There are over 250,000 recipes waiting for you which you can search using ingredients, keyword, collection or course. You can enter up to 10 ingredients, using the leftovers feature.


  • Allrecipes Dinner Spinner


With a spinner system, this app will provide you with just the right type of recipe that you are looking for. With a set of spinners, you can find the preparation time, the main ingredient of the recipe and the kind of meal. You will get detailed recipe instructions along with videos through this app suitable for Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices.


  • Epicurious


For new recipes, download the Epicurious app in your Windows Phone, iOS or Android device. You will get over 30,000 recipes which are organized into different categories. You can also save your favorite recipes using the digital recipe box. Use voice commands and cook freely without operating the app with your hands. Use the cook mode which is available on Windows Phone and iPad.

So cook up a storm and set up your meal calendars using these helpful recipe apps. Happy Cooking!

Which app are you going to try? Do you use any other app which we missed out? We would love to get your input.

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