Thursday 12 December 2019
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7 Best Apps to Help You Host a Perfect Party

7 Best Apps to Help You Host a Perfect Party

It’s time to organize parties and host dinners with Christmas round the corner and New Year follows closely. You and your guests can have unlimited fun with a good party. However, planning a good party is not as easy as it sounds. You need to send out invitations, plan entertainment for the guests, arrange for food and drinks and you might also need to arrange for transportation to send them home, before they pass out.

Since we tend to rely on apps for many things, we can plan our party in an easier way with the use of mobile apps and sites.

Here are 7 apps and sites which can help you plan a successful party.

  • Facebook

facebook app


The first step of a party is inviting your guests. You might just call them or email them informing about the party or you can invite them using Facebook. Creating an event is as easy as it can be. You just need to click on +Create button to create the event. Set a location and time of your party and send out invites to people. They can leave their comments and join or decline the event. You will be able to know how many people will be attending your party.

You can also use this app or site to give them the directions of the venue.

  • Celebrations

Celebrations for sending invites


This is another site which will be helpful for sending out invites and providing directions to your guests. You have to set up a free account and you can send your invite as a webpage or an email. There is RSVP tracking and you can also integrate Google Maps location in it along with the timings of the party. You can send emails to all your guests at the same time. The messages are saved and you can edit them later.

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  • Pepperplate

Pepperplate is the only app for serious cooks

After sending out the invitations and providing the locations of the venue, it’s time to decide the menu of the party. The Pepperplate app will help you with everything, right from planning out the menu to deciding the ingredients you need, to providing you with the recipes. The app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phone.

You can browse through the recipes, select the dishes you want to serve and set the quantities, depending on the number of guests you are inviting. You can create a shopping list and synchronize the entire process across all of your devices.

  • Mixology

Mixology Drink & Cocktail Recipes

If you want to impress your guests with some amazing cocktails, this app will help you out.  You can get lots of recipes which will help you to create the cocktails. The “liquor cabinet” function will help you find out the cocktails that you can create with the liquor you have in store. This app is free and compatible with Android and iOS devices.

  • Party Monster

Party Monster app

This app costs $2.986 and will take care of the entertainment part of your party. You can queue up all the music that you have saved and it also crossfades from song to song. The best thing is that you can control the app with gestures, so you don’t have to keep on looking at the screen. The app supports AirPlay. So you can make the process smooth by using connected speakers.

  • Spaceteam

Spaceteam app

A party cannot be complete without games. Spaceteam is the best party game. It is a free game app which supports iOS and Android devices. You can connect the devices with Wi-Fi and there will be a set of controls in front of the screens of each of your guests. You can see an instruction appear on your screen which might control either yours or your friend’s device. The aim is to co-ordinate the controls before the spaceship is destroyed.

  • Lyft

Lyft app

This app is available for Android and iOS devices. If your guests have had too much to drink and are not in a condition to drive back home, you can arrange for a transportation to take them home. You can find out the nearest driver to your location with this app and select them based on the driver’s name, photo, ratings of past passengers and the car.

These are our picks for the top websites and apps that can make a party successful.

Do you have any personal favorite which you think should be added to the list? What other areas do you think should be covered by the apps? Share your feedback with us.

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