Saturday 18 January 2020
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3 Apps That Are a Must-Avoid for Your Kids

3 Apps That Are a Must-Avoid for Your Kids

Technology is increasing at a rapid rate and kids today are well adapted to this change. They are not only able to handle computers but also smartphones, just like a pro. While you cannot completely restrict your kid from using a smartphone, you can at least keep a track of the apps that they are using.

There are several apps that serve different purpose and can be used with your smartphone. While some apps like gaming apps, educational apps might be helpful for the children, some apps can prove to be harmful for them.

Do you know the apps which should not be used by your kids? We have brought forth 3 worst apps for kids.

  • Whisper

With the Whisper app, it is possible to share different things anonymously. Kids love to share secrets. This app might tempt them to gossip and create false rumors under the shelter of anonymity. This might give a rise to bullying or even worse could happen. You need to explain to your kid that sharing secrets in a public platform is not good and it could adversely affect them in turn. So, discourage your kids from using the Whisper app.

  • Snapchat

This chat app is photo-oriented. It provides a fake sense of privacy as it destroys the photo that is sent using the app within 10 seconds of opening it, and that too automatically.  Given the situation, it is quite natural that your kids might think of sending inappropriate photos believing that it would be safe for them. However, the sender could easily take a screenshot of the sent photo and could use it for a wrong purpose. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your kid, would you?

  • Chatroulette

This app will let your kids chat with complete strangers. This will be in direct contradiction to one of the rules of not talking to strangers that you have taught him/her in the first place. Your kids can connect with any random user of the app. With audio and video functionalities of the app, this could turn out to be really dangerous. The stranger will not only be able to hear your child, but also see him/her. Nudity is abundantly present, which is an area of concern for your kid’s safety.

These are some of the must-avoid apps for your kids. So, make sure if your kids use smartphones, they are not using these apps at any cost.

Do you know about any other apps which are dangerous for kids? Can you add some to the list? We would love to have your inputs.  

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