Saturday 18 January 2020
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A Few Tech Innovations at Day 1 of CES 2016

A Few Tech Innovations at Day 1 of CES 2016

Day 1 of International CES saw some of the best tech innovations. From ultimate smartwatches to giant TVs to new gadgets integrated with sensors, the first day saw lots of announcements from startups as well as big companies. As the event progresses, more innovations will come up and you will get to learn about them.

Here are a few tech innovations that were introduced in Day 1 of the event and are worth mentioning:

Range of New TVs

Just like other years, this year also saw the announcement of a set of new TVs. Samsung displayed a huge 98-inch curved 8K set. Wondering whether you read that right? Well, yes you did. 4K is backdated. 8K is now in. The resolution is a high 7,680 x 4,320, which makes it over 33 million pixels. The company claims that this will be a real 8K set.

Sharp unveiled 25 new TVs. One of them was the N9000 series 4K TVs. They have two variants- the flat 70-inch and curved 65-inch. The first variant will sell for $3,299.99 and the second for $2,999.99.

HiSense, a Chinese company has unveiled 22 new TVs. Among them there are four 4K TVs that back High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing. The best of the four is the H10, which is a 65-inch curved 4K 3D TV and costs around $2,799.99.

A 65-inch UHD piece from StreamTV Networks doesn’t require you to use 3D glasses for watching 3D content. Defractive indexes and light fields are used to make this possible.

LG Signature

LG Signature, the latest in the brand of electronics from LG was introduced at the CES 2016. The products that are a part of this new ultra-premium brand include a hybrid air purifier having a transparent window ultra-thin (2.75mm) 4K OLED TV and a smart fridge made of stainless steel with an “auto-door” system. Once the CES concludes, European, North American and Asian markets will see products from LG Signature.

Other products that were showcased by LG in CES 2016 included a 98-inch 8K LED TV just like Samsung. The resolution is four times that of a 4K TV and eight times that of a full HD TV. Other products displayed include a15-inch laptop which weighs less than half of MacBook Pro’s weight.

More Android Wear

Several remarkable additions have been made to the Google smartwatch platform. Casio displayed WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch which is worth $500. It is waterproof up to 164 feet and comes with accelerometer, compass and a pressure sensor. You can take part in different outdoor activities which are possible with the integrated applications.

New Balance, a sneaker company, announced that they are planning to launch an Android Wear which will launch toward the end of this year.

Huawei displayed the Huawei Watch Elegant and Jewel. These two smartwatches are the most elegant that have been seen yet. The former costs $499 and the latter costs $599.

Apart from these innovations, several others were made during the first day of International CES.

What about you?

Did you attend the CES? Which one did you like the best? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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