Sunday 21 July 2019
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Wearable Technology To Replace Bluetooth

Wearable Technology To Replace Bluetooth?

Wearable technology could move one step ahead with this new development that the researchers from the University of California, San Diego...

Increase your Style Quotient with Huawei Watch

Increase your Style Quotient with Huawei Watch

A new premium Android Wear was unveiled by Huawei Technologies at the ongoing Mobile World Congress, taking place in Barcelona. The Huawei...

Wearable technology

A World Dominated by Wearables- Are you Ready for It?

The rate at which wearable devices are multiplying, it is not very far when we will have a world which will be dominated by wearables....


5 Wearables That Will Redefine the Future of Wearable Technology in 2015

2014 witnessed a number of new wearable tech innovations. The coming year is expected to see more such developments. Earlier, things what...

Wearable Technology to Become More Popular in the US

Wearable Technology to Become The Next Best Thing in the US

Wearable technology, as we all know by now, is making great improvements all across the globe. With so much progress in the US, the...