Sunday 8 December 2019
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MOOV NOW helps you to get in shape

MOOV NOW- A Sleeker Fitness Wearable

MOOV is well known as fitness wearable which acts as your mobile personal trainer. The device tracks your body movements in 3D and uses the...

Jawbone UP4 Lets You Pay with American Express

Jawbone UP4 Lets You Pay with American Express

Jawbone is yet to ship its much-delayed UP3 fitness tracker. However, the company has already announced two new fitness bands surprisingly-...

MOOV Fitness Tracker

MOOV Fitness Tracker –Your Wearable Fitness Coach

There are lots of fitness trackers in the market but it is necessary to choose the one which will be perfect for your needs. You don’t...

Misfit Flash fitness tracker

Misfit Fitness Band Turns Into Remote Control for Your Home

If you are into gadgets, you might be well aware of the Misfit Flash which is a simple fitness tracker that was unveiled last year. This...

best fitness trackers 2015

Get in Shape with These Top Fitness Trackers in 2015

Getting in shape is often the first resolution that people take in New Year. You might get a gym membership or hire a personal trainer for...