Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Vaio Makes a Buzz with its First Smartphone

Vaio Makes a Buzz with its First Smartphone

Vaio is no longer a part of Sony Corporation but it seems the company is keen on carrying its own developments. The company is planning on entering the smartphone market and compete against the Xperia series from its former parent company. Vaio is launching its first smartphone and has named it the Vaio Phone. It will launch in Japan on 20th March in association with one of the smaller carriers in the country B-mobile. So, what can you expect from this smartphone? Will this be in the list of top smartphones? Let us have a look at this post to know more.

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Vaio Phone

Since Vaio is no longer with Sony, the smartphone that it has developed is thinner and smaller than the smartphones from Sony. However, it seems they have given most of their concentration on their laptop series. Their first ever smartphone venture is nothing much to talk about.

It has a five inch display of 720p and runs on Android 5.0. It has 13 megapixel camera and has 2 GB RAM and 1.2Ghz processor. Its thickness is 7.95mm. The look of the device is also nothing special. The back is flat and glossy and the plastic sides are curved.  Vaio is calling this design as “simple and stylish”, but “nondescript” would be a better word to describe it.

There is one good thing about this smartphone though. There is no app-based bloat, which is a common and lingering problem in many mobile phones in Japan.

Pricing of the Phone

Though the look is similar to many phones which have already entered the market, it will be priced to sell. You can get the Vaio Phone and unlimited data at 4,000 yen per month. Japanese residents can also get the phone at a price of 51,000 yen. The average specs along with the high price will make the device tough to sell.

Another reason is that, as mentioned in the Japanese site Blog of mobile, Panasonic has launched a similar phone named Eluga U2 in Taiwan. It has same specs and looks exactly like the Vaio Phone. What’s interesting is that the price of the Eluga U2 is a fraction of the Vaio Phone.

It seems a tough task for the phone to become popular, let alone be in the list of best smartphones in the market. However, by entering the smartphone market, Vaio has definitely created a stir among other companies.

Are you looking forward to the Vaio Phone? What do you think Vaio should do to make its smartphone better? We would love to hear your views.


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