Thursday 12 December 2019
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Turing Phones to Make Communication Extremely Secure

Turing Phones to Make Communication Extremely Secure

Owning a smartphone today means you need to keep security issues in mind. Keeping personal information from getting into wrong hands is necessary. Taking steps like encrypting your mobile device, using VPN networks or using a secure platform like Blackphone could help you out. However, now Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) has announced a new device known as the Turing Phone to provide smartphone users with extreme security.

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Turing Phone

The device promises to deliver end-to-end encryption and a production process which is more sustainable than other smartphones. It encrypts communications by using decentralized authentication. There is a master public key and a unique private key which is pre-installed in the phone.

If you want to communicate with a different Turing Phone, their identity can be verified directly instead of routing it via a Key Distribution Center.

Turing Robotic Industries says “A protected communications network that is entirely insulated from cyber-threats and privacy intrusions. Within this circle of trust, users can exchange sensitive data such as social security numbers or bank wiring instructions and know that the information will reach only the device intended.”

Apart from the Turing user interface, the device will run on Android Lollipop. The display size will be 5.5 inch along with HD. A 13 megapixel camera and an 8 megapixel front camera make it a phone worth trying. The battery is also a sturdy one of 3,000mAh.

‘Liquidmorphium’ Chassis

The chassis is a stronger one when compared to other smartphones. It is made from a material called ‘Liquidmorphium. ’ This is a metal which is unbendable and stronger than steel or titanium. It is also more resistant to screen breakages or shock.

With increase in requests for personal data and snooping from governmental areas, the need for full end-to-end encryption is becoming stronger.

Another reason for getting the Turing Phone could also be to stand out from the rest. You could get yourself a phone made of Liquidmorphium.

You can expect to get the 64GB version which is SIM-free, by the end of August and it will cost you around $740. If you opt for the $128GB version, you have to shell out $870.

Whether Turing Phone provides as much security as is being claimed remains to be seen. However, the initial demand is definitely going to be high, given the fear of data theft among smartphone users.

Are you going to get the Turing Phone? What security measures do you take to keep your smartphone secure? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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