Friday 22 November 2019
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Light Phone- An Awesome Backup Phone

Light Phone- An Awesome Backup Phone

If you are a smartphone freak and love to buy new ones whenever they release, you can now try out a different kind of phone. No, it is not your regular smartphone with advanced features and a poor battery life. In fact, it is the opposite of any smartphone that has been developed till now. If you want to have a “phone away from phone,” the Light Phone is the ideal choice for you. It is a credit card-sized cell phone which has been developed to be used as minimally as possible.

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What does the Light Phone do?

The Light Phone as the name suggests, is thin and light. What’s even more interesting is that on a single charge, the phone will run for at least 20 days. You can enjoy your day free of any distractions as you just receive or make phone calls. The Light Phone works with the smartphone that you already have. You can leave your smartphone at home and enjoy a comparatively peaceful day with Light Phone.

It works irrespective of your phone’s carrier and is a pre-paid GSM cell phone. A SIM card preloaded with minutes is available with the Light Phone. It also comes with an app which you can use with your existing phone.

It does not have any browser, NFC or any game. You just need to press a few buttons to make a call. A quick dial also acts as a flashlight and can help you in the dark. The Light Phone can be a great backup phone as it has its own phone number. The app helps in forwarding the call from your existing number making it an extension of your actual smartphone.  The best thing about this phone- it costs only $100.

Using the Phone as little as Possible

Kaiwei Tang and Joe Hollier, developed the phone at Google’s 30 Weeks incubator in NYC. Hollier said “We started building this because it became very clear that true happiness means being present. This has been written about by so many of the smartest minds since Seneca. So much of our days are spent connected and staring at screens that we are losing that presence in so many situations. We built the Light Phone as a way for people to find balance with their connectedness. It’s not that we think people should never connect again, it’s just that taking a break is extremely healthy in every sense of the word.”

The ultimate aim is to use the phone as little as possible. It includes 500 minutes of pre-paid talk time and is charged with a USB cable. However, the aim is to pull it out, make a call and put it back.

The project is running a Kickstarter campaign with a total funding goal of $200,000, out of which $139,241 has been raised. It can be hoped that the goal will be achieved by 27th June, 2015, the day when the campaign ends. Shipping might start on May 2016.

Are you going to pledge your funds for the project? Do you feel this can bring us back to the life when technology didn’t rule us? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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