Friday 22 November 2019
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5 Things Every iPhone Fan wants to See in iPhone 7

5 Things Every iPhone Fan wants to See in iPhone 7

There are many speculations and rumors going on about Apple’s next releases which include iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. There were some features in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which were not received well by the consumers. So, in these new phones, we would like to see new changes and features to be improved. Instead of listing out the rumors and speculations, we bring our list of features which we would like to see in iPhone 7.

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  • Extra RAM

The iPhones which are present in the market right now are perfect. However, Safari has to reload web pages when multiple tabs are open. This is proof enough that some additional RAM is required in the next iPhone 7 or 6S. As you use your phone more for different activities like communicating with Apple Watch, tracking the health. It has been seen that 64 bit apps require more RAM than 32 bit apps.

  • Smaller Screen

This expectation might cause a shock because at a time when everyone is looking for bigger screens, why are we thinking of a smaller screen! iPhone 5S is the perfect size for many. Using a phone with a large screen can be annoying for many. You might have problem if you want to hold something so big to your ear. iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 could work better if they have the same screen size as 5S.

  • Higher Resolution Screen

A screen with a higher resolution would give users a better experience. The screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have a resolution of 326ppi and 401ppi respectively. This is good, but when compared to competitors like Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 6, the resolution is not too good. So, a higher pixel density screen would be a better option for iPhone 7.

  • Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is present, but it is not used as widely or supported by many. So, if with iPhone 7, this technology can be used properly, it would prove to be a hit. If the charger remains same for Apple Watch which will be released next year, it will be even better.

  • 64GB storage

16GB storage will no longer work for iPhone7. It is not possible to store everything in iCloud. The software updates that are done, take up quite a lot of space. So, if other applications are to be used in your iPhone 7, it should have at least 64GB storage space.

These are the five things that we are expecting to see in iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. What are your expectations? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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