Saturday 18 January 2020
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PlayStation 5 to Be a Cloud-Based Gaming Platform?

PlayStation 5 to Be a Cloud-Based Gaming Platform?

PlayStation 4 gaming console from Sony has achieved great success in 2014. In fact, its sales were higher than Microsoft’s Xbox One, throughout the year, except for the month of November. Even though it has only been one year since PS4 has released, plans are already on for bringing in the next version of this gaming console, PlayStation 5. However, a senior executive at Sony said that instead of a physical console, the PS5 could be a cloud-based console. If this happens to be true, PS4 will be the last generation of physical gaming console.

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PlayStation 5- What would it Be Like?

Masayasu Ito, the EVP of Sony Computer Entertainment said in an interview with Japanese newspaper Nikkei Keizai Shimbun, that PlayStation 5 could be a hardware platform or it could be a cloud-based console. Sony has already started venturing into cloud computing. Earlier this year, the company released PlayStation TV console to compete with Google’s Chromecast streaming service.

Speculations are going on that PlayStation 4 and even Xbox One could be the last generation of physical gaming consoles. Sony has its focus now on video game platforms rather than conventional media devices. The company is likely to give more stress on PlayStation projects like Morpheus VR headset.

Release Date

Even if PS5 is released as a platform based on the cloud, a physical device could still be there which will receive audio and video from the remote server. Following the success of PS4, Sony will be trying to make PS5 a success when it is released.

Gaming fanatics will expect to have PS5 with 4K compatibility, but without the disc drive. We will already have a clear idea of whether virtual reality will be a success, when PlayStation 5 finally launches. A powerful architecture will be required for the PS5 if virtual reality is added to this gaming console. Since the life-cycle of PS4 is likely to be shorter than the previous versions, PS5 is expected to have a sooner arrival than expected.

However, since this news has released, serious gamers are not too happy. Many of them are against a cloud-based platform. With differing net speeds, it will be difficult to play using a platform which is based on the cloud. You will constantly need an Internet connection to play. This can be really irksome for many.

Everything is under speculation and the actual implication will be known only after PlayStation 5 is released. Till then all you can do is think about the pros and cons of cloud-based gaming consoles.

Would you prefer a cloud-based gaming console over a physical one? Do you have a PlayStation 4? Share your views in the comments below.

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