Saturday 18 January 2020
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Top 3 Best PC Games You Should Play Today

Top 3 Best PC Games You Should Play Today

If you are addicted to gaming, you must be aware of the numerous games which are available in the market. Whether you are playing on your mobile device or your PC, games can turn out to be addictive and you can have fun in the best possible way. As people are now mostly glued to their smartphones, you will generally come across all the mobile games. However, there are a bunch of good old games out there which you can play on your PC without the need of swiping your fingers.

Want to know about some of the PC compatible games? Check out this post.

  • Robocraft

In this game, you can build Robot Battle Vehicles and use them on a battlefield to play a team-oriented capture game. The building blocks in the game help in building a mechanical spider, a Star Wars Tie-Fighter, a dinosaur robot, a pirate ship and more. The better your creation, the better they can move and help you win the game by fighting out the opponents. The game has been created by Freejam.

  • Hearthstone

This game created by Blizzard Entertainment is a turn-based card game. In this game, two players fight it out with the help of cards to deal defensive moves. Before each game starts, players choose 30 cards with which they can play. They can choose from a custom deck or basic pre-made decks. If players have to cause damage to opponent minions or defend themselves or even directly attack the enemy player, they can deal minion cards. When a player leaves the game or when one or both of them reach zero health, the match is over.

  • Defiance

This shooter game is based on a TV show. Trion Worlds Inc. has teamed up with SyFy channel to make this dual video game-TV series. The events happening in the game are seen in the storyline of the show. This game occurs in the San Francisco Bay area many years after a battle between humans and aliens. You play the role of Ark Hunter, one of the survivors of the battle and you have to hunt for extra-terrestrial technology. Throughout the game, you meet characters from the TV series. You can move up the levels by gaining experience points and currency.

These are a few PC compatible games which are free and you can play them at your own leisure.

Have you played any of these games? What PC games do you like? Share some of your favorite ones with us.

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