Saturday 18 January 2020
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7 Best PC Games to Play with Your Kids

7 Best PC Games to Play with Your Kids

Today, when we talk about gaming, we only consider games which are compatible with gaming consoles. Very few people now play games on PC. Even kids are accustomed to playing games in a console. However, if you do not own a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, you don’t need to despair. There are still several good games which your kids can play in PCs.

Let’s have a look at top 7 PC games which your kids are bound to love.

  • Nancy Drew

The game is about the famous teen sleuth Nancy Drew who unravels different mysteries that are going on at a prep school. One of the games is about a student who wants to be a valedictorian and is threatening to do away with her competition. Players are required to help the detective find out clues and solve the mystery.

Available in at $19.99.

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  • Cake Mania 3

Jill Evans, a pastry chef, is accidentally zapped through space and time while preparing for her wedding. She has to set up some bakeries in different places like revolutionary France, ancient China and medieval England if she wants to get back home. Players are required to take order, bake cakes and keep the customers happy. It is available at for $9.45.

  • World of Zoo

This zoo simulator game has ample room for creativity. Players can load different animals in the virtual zoos and with the “animal editor”, they will be able to change the fur patterns and colors of the animals and at the same time they can also change the shapes and sizes of their noses, paws, tails, ears and more. Kids can then take care of the animals and interact with them. You can buy it for $17.81 from

  • Littlest Pet Shop

The game is based on the popular toy line Littlest Pet Shop. In this game your kids can own a virtual pet shop. There are 32 popular pets that players can choose from, 3 environments to explore and they have to complete 16 puzzles and mini-games to earn new playsets, pets and accessories. Buy it from for $8.55.

  • ItzaBitza

Your kids’ reading skills will be tested with this game by asking them to draw something using written requests. The object the kids draw becomes a part of the animated scenes as it comes to life. A series of ‘quests’ are set up. This is completed when the kids draw the right objects, thereby completing the scene. Buy the game from at $19.99.

  • MySims

Up to eight players can play the multiplayer sessions with mini-games like tag and hide-and-seek, modify other’s architecture, dance, chat and use emotes. This is completely safe for the kids as it is an invite-only multiplayer system. Available at $4.89 from

  • Lucidity

This is a fairy tale of a game which you will feel as if you are watching a picture book come to life with the painted characters moving magically through it. The game is about a young girl who travels around the world and the player has to help continue her journey. This is done by placing items like bridges, stairs, springboards along her path so that she can avoid dangerous animals and traps. The price is 800 Microsoft Points and you can get it from

These are 7 of the best games which can be played on your PC and your kids will love playing them.

Do you know about any other good PC games? What games do your kids love? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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