Thursday 21 November 2019
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Do You Love Your Smartphone more than Your Girlfriend?

Do You Love Your Smartphone more than Your Girlfriend?

Just like diamonds are a girl’s best friend, you can bet that gadgets are a guy’s best friend! We are in an era where we cannot think of a single day without gadgets. While girls are also hooked to their mobile devices, you will find more guys glued to their smartphones to such an extent that they tend to ignore their girlfriends. Are you one of those guys who love their smartphone more than their girlfriend? How to find out? Here are five signs which indicate that you are more in love with your smartphone than your partner.

  • You sometimes forget you are out on a date with your girlfriend

You are so busy fiddling with your smartphone that you completely forget that you have brought your girlfriend on a date. She sits right in front of you and you go on romancing with your smartphone.

  • You don’t hesitate to snub her off if she “disturbs” you

If you are checking out your random texts with all the concentration (if only you had paid such attention on your text books) and your girlfriend tries to gain your attention, you do not think twice before you snub her off. You don’t feel even a bit repentant for your behavior. Instead you think you did the right thing ‘phubbing’ her.

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  • You rely on your smartphone more than your girlfriend

While sometimes it might prove to be beneficial for you, most of the time this behavior of yours could backfire. For any problem in your life, you expect to get solutions from the web. You hardly ask your girlfriend for any solutions. Even if you do, you tend to ignore them.

  • You would prefer spending your money on buying apps than giving gifts to your girlfriend

Why waste money buying gifts for my girlfriend when I can use the same to buy some cool apps for my smartphone? If this thought has come across your mind, you are in a serious relationship with your smartphone.

  • You cannot imagine your life without your..…. smartphone!

Yes you read that right! You can imagine a life without your girlfriend. However, when you think of a life without your smartphone, you feel the air leaving your lungs! It gives you nightmares and you almost feel lost without your dearest mobile device.

Well guys, if you think you can relate to the above points, it’s high time to ditch your girlfriends. What? Stunned with the suggestion? Don’t be! After all, you cannot imagine a life without your smartphone, so why waste time having a girlfriend. It’s better to let her go so that you and your smartphone can live happily ever after.

What about you guys? How many of you feel incomplete without your smartphone? Share with us your feelings in the comments below.


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