Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Facebook Unveils Advanced Messenger Platform at F8

Facebook Unveils Advanced Messenger Platform at F8

At the F8, Facebook developer’s conference, many new announcements were made. The company has made some changes in its Messenger application. Messenger has introduced a platform for developers which will easily help them build apps that incorporate with it. Around 600 million people use Messenger every month. With this platform, the users will get more ways to express themselves. People will be able to converse in a better way with photos, GIFs, audio clips, videos and more, using over 40 new apps. They will be able to enhance their Messenger experience as the composer is expanding and new apps can be discovered. This can be done without leaving Messenger.

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Messenger Platform App

As mentioned above, people can discover apps without leaving Messenger just by tapping install. For this, they just have to get a message from a friend who is using a Messenger Platform app. If you receive a message from a friend through the Messenger Platform app, you can tap the reply button and toggle easily to the app and find the right reply.

These apps can now be used by people from all across the world and developers can use the Messenger Platform to start building apps.

TechCrunch says that “The Messenger content apps will be accessible from a triple-dot button in the composer next to options to add photos or stickers. Users will be able to get deeplinked into their phone’s app store to download these Messenger companion apps.”

“From there, users can create content like animated GIFs and special effects-laden videos, or discover content, and then instantly share it to friends through Messenger. Each piece of content sent through the platform includes an attribution link to what app it was made with. A recipient can click to download or open that app and reply with a piece of content.”

“Initial Messenger content app partners include ESPN, Bitmoji, JibJab, Legend, Ultratest, Ditty, Giphy, FlipLip, ClipDis, Memes, PicCollage, Kanvas, JJ Abrams’ studio Bad Robot’s Action Mobie FX, Boostr, Camoji, Cleo Video Texting, Clips, Dubsmash, Effectify, EmotionAR, EMU, Fotor, Gif Keyboard, GifJam, Hook’d, Imgur, Imoji, Keek, Magisto, Meme Generator, Noah Camera, Pic Stitch, PingTank, Score! on Friends, Selfied, Shout, StayFilm, Facebook Stickered, Strobe, Tackl, Talking Tom, Tempo, The Weather Channel, Camera, and Wordeo.”

Business Insider stated “The company will probably also announce a media partnership that will let outlets like the New York Times and Buzzfeed publish directly to your Facebook news feed. Facebook will also launch new advertising technology, better support for the so-called Internet of Things, and announcements around the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.”

Business on Messenger

At the F8, Business of Messenger was also previewed. It improves communication and interaction between businesses and people.  People will be able to have personal and better conversations with different businesses. For instance, a person can opt for timely updates in Messenger, when he/she buys a product from a site. With these updates, the person can continue interacting with that business using the app.

Relevant messages like shipping status updates, order confirmations, etc. will be sent to the consumers by the business and they will be able to take actions like tracking, changing or returning an order. They can also ask questions, get immediate replies and even make requests. These series of features are combined in a single, continuing thread between business and the person.

Mashable said “A noteworthy feature of the growing platform is Messenger Business, which will allow users to communicate with merchants by sending them a direct message or making a reservation and checking shipping information.”

Forbes stated “Though it’s still early days, Facebook’s integration of business into Messenger could be the company’s ticket into the wider world of online retail. By seizing on a strategy that’s long been employed by mobile messaging apps like Line and WeChat, Messenger, which has which has more than 600 million active users, will hope to improve on its parent company’s earlier e-commerce efforts, which have featured haphazard products like the “Buy” button launched last year.”

People will be able to have personal conversations with companies — specifically, customer service representatives — and be able to make requests, asks questions and get quick responses in an ongoing thread, the company said.

In the beginning, Businesses on Messenger will launch with a few partners.

Are you excited about this new development? Do you use the Messenger application? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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