Monday 18 November 2019
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Ascom Myco- A Smartphone For Nurses

Ascom Myco- A Smartphone For Nurses

Ascom Myco is a smartphone which has unique features and has been specifically designed for nurses. This is the latest development from Ascom’s side. It will make it easier for the nurses to attend to their patients. Healthcare institutions and hospitals in Belgium can take advantage of this smartphone. The Ascom ecosystem of hospital solutions will improve the efficiency and quality of care for the patients. The new smartphone from the Ascom group is available in two versions. Let us have a look at how Ascom Myco can be helpful for the nurses.

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Available in Two Versions

Ascom Myco, as mentioned earlier is available in two versions. One is Wi-Fi/3G which will allow data and calls on the public network, even outside the hospital or as backup inside it. Another version is Wi-Fi which can only be used within the hospital premises.

Philippe Bosmans, Sales Manager, Ascom Belgium said “Ascom Myco is a purpose-built smartphone for hospitals that reduces alarm fatigue by filtering alerts in such a way, that nurses only get notified of alarms triggered by their assigned patients. It is irrelevant whether the alarm was prompted by a patient or a monitoring device. The innovative Ascom Myco top display allows reading notifications at a glance and its graphical user interface is patient-centric. Nurses can use the phone functionality to either call the patient to find out what he or she needs or to forward or escalate the alarm. Based on Android open-source OS, Ascom Myco supports the integration of existing hospital apps such as access to patient health records at the bedside. However, nurse applications are prioritized, so that patient alarms always reach the nurse.”

When it comes to hygiene, Ascom Myco is the perfect solution for use in hospitals as it can be disinfected. The clip that comes with the smartphone allows it to be attached to the coat pockets of the nurses and thus can be used single-handedly. The battery lasts for eight hours and you can replace and charge it separately.

Silver Partner of Ascom

Nextel is the Silver Partner of Ascom and it is certified to set up and maintain Ascom solutions.

Tom Decoo of Nextel said “Hospitals are interested in the Ascom Myco because it is the first medical-grade smart device designed for usage by medical staff and based on Android. The healthcare institutions invest in Ascom Myco in order to investigate the possibility of a more efficient alarm handling and improved clinical workflow. Hospitals are particularly interested in the built-in barcode scanner, which is seen as an investment into the future, as it can improve administration of medication.”

Hospitals can improve their communication with mobility. With Wi-Fi enabled in the Ascom Myco, it will be very helpful for nurses to use them and give the care their patients require.

What do you think about Ascom Myco? Do you think it will really be helpful? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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