Saturday 18 January 2020
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iOS 9- Things You Need to Know

iOS 9- Things You Need to Know

On Monday, 8th June, Apple will start its Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) and the biggest announcement at the event will be iOS 9. It is expected that there will be major changes with this new operating system version of Apple. So, what changes will be seen in iOS 9? Take a look at this post to know more about them.

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  • Proactive

There have been disclosures about ‘Proactive’, Apple’s new service which could replace Google Now and remove the dependency of iOS 9 on Google. Information will be collected across Contacts, Siri, Passbook, Calendar and third-party apps to develop contextually aware data. This could do things like map out directions to an imminent meeting, act as a boarding pass before a flight and more.

  • Force Touch

The implementation of Force Touch input will be the major talking point of iOS 9. It is a pressure sensitive response with which new control options come up as users make a firm touch. This feature has numerous potentials like navigation shortcuts, triggering different camera/video capture modes, new gaming controls and more. However, if the touch goes wrong, it could lead to a horrible confusion.

  • Apple Home

Apple has been working on the Internet of Things (IoT) platform and with the launch of ‘Home,’ it will be a consumer hub. Home will bring all HomeKit devices together and will be the keystone in Apple’s huge IoT push.

  • Eye Pleasing Imagery

iOS 9 will look better than iOS 8. A new font will be used which is called ‘San Francisco’, to replace the Helvetica Neue which was introduced in iOS 7.

Replacing font might make a difference in the layout because of the increasing size differences over the UI. So, it might not be available on Monday, but the change will definitely take place.

  • Speed, Efficiency, Stability

A huge part of iOS 9 will be optimized for efficiency. iOS 9 will be faster and the devices will have a better battery life than the earlier versions. The latest version might even revive older devices.

Apple wants to place iOS 9 as a stable, quick launch base for chief revenue streams it has planned, which include Homekit’s IoT, Beats-based streaming music and wearables.

What do you think about iOS 9? Are you looking forward to the changes? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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