Saturday 18 January 2020
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What You Need to Know about Apple iOS 8.3?

What You Need to Know about Apple iOS 8.3?

Apple released version 8.3 of its operating system with several new features and bug fixes, a few days back. If you haven’t yet upgraded your iOS devices to the latest version, you can do so now by going to Software Update on your device.  There might not be huge changes, but the new features that have been added are quite significant. The iOS 8.3 was initially released through the iOS beta program of Apple, but now it has been made available for the public. If you are keen to know what new changes you can get from iOS 8.3, have a look at this post.

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  • Different Options of Emoji

One of the major changes that have taken place in this latest version is the emoji keyboard, which offers more than 300 new characters and a selection of racial diversity options. Earlier, only an Indian man wearing a turban was there and no other cultures were included. Relationship-based emoji has also been included now.

  • iCloud Photo Library

‘Photos’ is now available for OS X and as a result there have been a few changes in the handling of photos in iCloud. You will now be able to use the iCloud on OS X to access all your photos. You can do the same on iOS and even make edits on the photos. However, you have to turn on the feature manually. Go to Settings and then to “Photos and Camera” menu.

  • Wireless CarPlay

CarPlay is improving gradually and more auto manufacturers are trying to produce CarPlay compatible cars. With iOS 8.3, iPhones can be used in these cars, thereby letting users connect to CarPlay wirelessly.

  • Bug Fixes for Connectivity Issues

The connectivity bugs that were there in iOS 8.2 have been fixed in iOS 8.3. For instance, Users were disconnected from Wi-Fi networks and asked repeatedly to enter their login credentials. Disconnected hands-free call issues have been fixed.

  • Bug Fix for Landscape Orientation

Viewing in landscape mode was an issue in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Sometimes users could not rotate the device back to portrait mode, after they had viewed it in landscape mode. The rotation done for the landscape mode would also appear upside-down sometimes. All these issues have been fixed in iOS 8.3.

Apart from the fixes and additions mentioned above, many other bug fixes have been made. If you are using an iOS device, upgrade to the latest version of Apple’s operating system and see the changes for yourself.

Do you use an iOS device? Have you upgraded your version to iOS 8.3? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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