Friday 22 November 2019
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Google Now on Tap- The Latest and Coolest Android Feature

Google Now on Tap- The Latest and Coolest Android Feature

Google has announced the Now on Tap feature for Android smartphones on the first day of the I/O keynote. This new feature will let you search inside any apps automatically. Some of the lucky attendees of the conference were able to try out this new feature in the latest Android version, the Android M. They were able to try out the preplanned demos and the feedback that has come up regarding this feature proves how amazing it will be. However, this feature will not be available right now with any smartphone running on Android M.

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How Does the Feature Work?

When the user is using any app and holds down the home button, the Android M makes an idea about what is on the screen and carries out a Google Now search based on the information on-screen. This Now search is a bit different than the usual Google search as the former gives results in form of full structured data and actions and not just in the form of links.

Google Now on Tap uses the information on-screen and tries to provide relevant information like reviews, locations and definitions without the requirement of any app. App developers have nothing to do about it.

Your Entire Phone is Instilled with Google

This feature instills your entire phone with Google. The Now on Tap feature can search anything, irrespective of the location and it can also connect you to other apps. You can go from seeing an email about dinner to actually having dinner without any effort. Sounds interesting? Well it is! All you need to do is hold down the home button with that email open on your screen. You can get an OpenTable card for the restaurant which is mentioned in your email. You have to tap it and your reservation is done. It’s that easy.

You will no longer have to type out the words in the search bar. Google will just read your screens and give you the results.

You don’t have to worry about the privacy issues about Google invading your apps and reading out what you are doing. Google says that to use the Now on Tap feature, you have to opt in and until you initiate the feature, nothing will be read. To initiate the Now on Tap feature, you either have to say “OK Google” inside an app or hold down the home button.

So, get ready to have an easier search result with Now on Tap.

What do you think about this latest development? Will you be using this feature? We would like to hear your thoughts.


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