Saturday 18 January 2020
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Top 5 Mobile Game Apps of 2014

Top 5 Mobile Game Apps of 2014

People now spend more time on their mobile devices playing different games. Mobile gaming has become a popular hobby for many. There are innumerable mobile game apps which have been launched in the market. However, not all of them are favored by the gamers. If you are a gaming freak, you will definitely have your own list of favorite gaming apps that you have downloaded in your mobile device. We have created our own list of top 5 mobile game apps on the basis of their popularity.  Want to see if it matches your own list? Are you missing out on some games or do you have it all? Check out this post to put an end to your queries.

Top 5 Mobile Games

  • Candy Crush

Developed by, this is an immensely popular game. You can join Mr. Toffee and Tiffi on their epic journey in this mobile game. Crush candies by mixing three or more candy of the same kind in one row or column and move up to the next level. There are different tasks which you need to complete in every level. The game can be played online as well as offline by downloading the app. You can also play it in Facebook.

  • Temple Run

This is one of the most exciting running games that you can play in your mobile device. It has been developed by Imangi Studios. You need to race down the walls of the ancient temple and vertical cliffs. Your reflexes will be tested with this game. Collect coins, avoid hurdles by sliding, jumping and turning, all through a swipe of your finger and purchase power ups. The game has a sequel Temple Run 2, which you can download in your Android or iOS device or your Windows phone.

  • World of Goo

The game might have you will be able to get launched a few years ago by 2D Boy, but it is still immensely popular. In this physics-based puzzle game, you have to guide the globs of talking goo, till the end of a level, without killing too many of these creatures. You have to face the challenges and avoid the traps and obstacles, build cannonballs, bridges, giant tongues out of squirming goo, etc. The game is available for download on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store.

  • Words with Friends

This free social word game is a popular mobile game app by Zynga. This is a multiplayer game where you have to bond with your friends or even strangers to form words on a grid board. You can build points as you go on expanding your vocabulary with Word of the Day and Dictionary. If you want to play offline and improve your skills, you can select the Solo Play. When online, you can also chat with your friends who are playing in the game.

  • New Star Soccer

Thumbstar Games has developed this soccer game. You will be playing the role of a 16 year old boy who has just started his soccer career, in this game. You have to keep your team-mates, your sponsors, your partner and your coach happy as you face exhilarating twists and many dilemmas along the way. Throughout the game, you will explore disturbing bribes, jeopardize your earnings in the Casino and finally retire to a new game score. The game can be played in Android and iOS devices.

These are the top 5 mobile games that you can play and have fun.

What’s your take? Do you think other mobile games should make it to this list? Which games do you like to play? Share your views with us.

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