Thursday 21 November 2019
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Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2014 that You May Not Know

Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2014 that You May Not Know

iPhone users might find 2014 as the one of the best years with the launch of iPhone 6 and iOS 8. Apart from the Apple updates, many apps, ranging from addictive games apps to productivity apps, have also been developed this year, which will make the iPhone users happy. It can be a bit tough to find out the best among the lot.

Do you want to know about the top apps for 2014 for your iPhone? Here is your top 10 list.

Top 10 iPhone apps

  • Hyperlapse

Instagram’s Hyperlapse provides a simple way to generate time-lapse videos and share them on Facebook or Instagram. Earlier, this was a time consuming and labor intensive task. You will be able to create time-lapse selfies using the front camera of iPhone along with the app.

  • Acorns

If you want to invest properly for a long term financial success but you are finding it difficult to start, this is the right app for you. The Acorns app invests the change that is left over from the daily purchases that you make, into a portfolio which is looked over by a financial professional. All you need to do is select how aggressively you want to invest and the amount that you want to invest. The rest is taken care of by Acorns.

  • Humin

This app sorts out your contacts on the basis of your relationship with them. This makes the process of searching a contact with simple queries, easy and fast. Predictions are also made on the basis of your past behavior of contacting the person, as soon as the app is launched.

  • Jelly

A quick Google search might not always help you solve your queries. They might be better answered by people in your immediate or wider social network. With this app, you can ask a question using map location, text or photos and you will get the answers from your social contacts.

  • LinkedIn Job Search

This app is entirely dedicated to job postings of the network. You will be able to search the positions which are open, apply for them or select personalized alerts to be given when the type of job you are looking for, becomes available.

  • Overcast

You will be able to manage your podcasts with this app developed by Instapaper. It will handle downloads and subscriptions easily. But if you want to get better service, you can opt for the premium version. Features like Smart Speed and Voice Boost make this app different from the other podcast managers.

  • Threes

This gaming app can be really addicting. The puzzle game starts by combining 1s and 2s into 3s and at the same time higher corresponding numbers are matched to get bigger multiples of 3s. It might be simple at the start, but as you try to get past your own top scores, it becomes more challenging.

  • Kim Kardashian Hollywood

It seems Kim Kardashian turns everything into gold with her touch. You might love or hate her, but this mobile game app was one of the most profitable and popular games of 2014. With this app, you will be able to step into Kim’s Hollywood lifestyle along with other upcoming stars. You can create a character and reach the top ranks of Hollywood with advice from Kim herself and by going to the right parties, networking with the right people and all.

  • Nuzzel

The Nuzzel app has been developed by Jonathan Abrams, the founder of Friendster. It brings out news articles which are shared the most by your friends in your social network and the news items of last week, which you missed. You will find relevant articles for you.

  • Swype

iPhone users can now swap out and customize their keyboards with the arrival of iOS 8. The gesture-based keyboard of Swype helps you to do so. Your texting skill will be increased tremendously as the app lets you type with lightning fast speed. You just need to swipe your finger over the letters you need and the rest of the text will be filled by the predictive keyboard.

If you are an iPhone user and don’t have some of these apps, make sure you download them.

Have you used any of the top apps mentioned here? Are they a part of your favorite list? Share with us your favorites.

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