Saturday 18 January 2020
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Get Top 3 Paid iPhone Apps for Free for Limited Time

Get Top 3 Paid iPhone Apps for Free for Limited Time

If you are using an iPhone, you are definitely using apps for different purposes. Some of the paid iOS apps can now be downloaded for free. The catch is that this offer is for a limited period of time. It can change any time. So, hurry up and download it while it is still free.

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Here are three paid apps which you can get for free.

This app is normally priced at $7.99. This premium version comes with no ads and limits on websites. You can log in to any website with a single tap using this app. Sign in to password-protected sites easily and quickly.

LoginBox combines a browser and password manager. The app is extremely secure. You don’t have to remember your passwords or web addresses.  

This app costs $1.99 and is now available for free. If you love music, you will love NUBAIR. At any time and place, you will be able to enjoy music with NUBAIR. This music player can be used for Apple Watch and iPhone which will let you listen to your favorite songs directly from Dropbox.

It can stream music files from your Dropbox. You can listen to music offline by downloading files to your device. The built-in music player helps you to listen to your playlists.

Generally priced at $0.99, this app is now free. This is a tally counter which will solve your calculation woes. With Fullscreen Mode, you can count without looking at your phone. Navigate through the actions, by using swipe gestures. You can add the GoodCounter widget to the today view so that you can access the most used counters.

You can use the app on your Apple Watch and control the counters.

Grab these apps for you smartphone while they are still free. If you wait, sale might be over.

Do you use any of these apps? Can you mention any app which is useful for iPhones? We would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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