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Top 7 Best iPad Apps of 2014

Top 7 Best iPad Apps of 2014

Apple made some pretty big changes in 2014, starting from the release of iOS 8 to launch of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.  A number of new apps were also launched along with new tablets. With these apps, you will be able to shoot and edit photos, tell stories, create documents and can do much more than that.

Here we have provided 7 of the best apps for iPad that the year has seen. See whether your favorite has made it to the list or not.

Flickr ipad app


This year, Yahoo launched a dedicated iPad app for Flickr. The app has been designed to make the most of the Retina display of Apple, which has a support for higher resolution. The users can get 100 GB of free storage. There is also a new sharing extension which will make sharing of photos easier.

The iPad app of Flickr has an in-app camera which takes complete advantage of the cameras of the new iPad by adding live filters and a set of photo-editing tools. These tools will give your images and videos a perfect look.

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Microsoft Word ipad app


This was a much needed addition for iPads. Microsoft launched the Office pack this year for iPads and made them free. With the Microsoft Word app you will be able to create and edit documents in the perfect format using your tablets. With integration of DropBox, working on the go will now no longer be a problem for the iPad owners. However if you want more advanced features, you will have to subscribe for it. With the free version, only basic editing and formatting is possible.

Adobe Voice ipad app


If you have the creativity and knack for storytelling, Adobe Voice is the app to look out for. This app does not depend on the Creative Cloud platform of the company. It is a free storytelling app and you can easily create customized animated voices and won’t have to use any complex video-editing software.

You have to start with a template which has been preset and then include photos in it. You can add your own collection or use from the huge image library of the app. Then record a voiceover, include a soundtrack and a polished video is created, which you can share immediately.

Quora ipad app


Now you can access the question and answer-based social network from your iPad with this app. It has a new design and you will be able to format text with headings, different font styles and block quotes using the new tools. The app helps in browsing in a simple and elegant manner as opposed to web.

New York Times Cooking ipad app


This app is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for recipes with photos and instructional videos. You can search for new dishes by searching for a recipe by preparation method, cuisine and ingredients. With your browsing history, the app will provide recipe recommendations for you. This display is always on, which means you don’t have to constantly touch your iPad’s display while cooking.

Hanx Writer ipad app


Tom Hanks is supposedly a fan of typewriter. His love for these machines was the inspiration for the creation of this interesting app. The sound effects and animations in this app give you the feeling of a manual typewriter on your iPad screen. You can select any of the three typewriters of the app, each with its own look and features and typewrite your note. Your typewritten note can be shared as a PDF once you complete it.

Yahoo News Digest ipad app


If you don’t have the time to go through the newspaper, the Yahoo News Digest app will bring the newspaper to your iPad. You will get comprehensive news of the day every morning and evening. A combination of human editors are used by the app and the algorithms bring out the stories from different sources like maps, news articles, infographics, quotes, stock information, etc. to deliver a comprehensive news.

These are a few of the best iPad apps for this year. If you use any other apps for iPad, which you think should make it to the list, share it with us.

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