Thursday 12 December 2019
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Top 3 Augmented & Virtual Reality Heads-up Displays

Top 3 Augmented & Virtual Reality Heads-up Displays

Augmented reality and virtual reality have become more widespread than before and the popularity of these technologies is going up each day. More and more wearable devices related to these technologies are being developed by different companies. Heads-up displays are one of them. After the frenzy created by the VR headset Oculus Rift, more such wearables have been developed. While Oculus Rift is undoubtedly one of the most popular HUDs, we are providing you with some other HUDs which are equally popular and have made to our ‘top three’ list.

Want to check if they match your own list?

  • Samsung Gear

The Samsung Gear VR headset has brought Samsung into the VR headset market. It uses the Oculus VR technology and has to be paired with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to function. The price tag of $200 is quite affordable. The users of this headset will be able to experience a new level of mobile entertainment with its big screen. This will be possible when the screen is paired with exclusive game, cinema and 360 degree experience content. Gear VR provides 3D Spatial Sound for VR Gallery content.

  • Meta Pro AR Glasses

This augmented reality headset has been stated as a competitor of Google Glass by Forbes Magazine. It is being advertised as a means to “become Iron Man in real life”. The cost of this AR headset is quite high at $3000. When the users wear this device, a single cord runs down their back. This cord is plugged into a mini computer which can be kept inside a pocket. This computer stores wireless connectivity and processing power for the glasses. Eventually, the company plans to drop the minicomputer and the entire thing will be held within the headset.

  • Sony SmartEyeglass

This wearable device does not put in everything into the glasses. The SmartEyeglass provides binocular transparent eyewear which comes with wired controller. Using Bluetooth, this controller connects to the smartphones which are compatible with the device. It works in a similar fashion like that of Google Glass. The eyewear overlays content layers onto the real world objects which come in the line of sight of the wearers.

Apart from these augmented reality and virtual reality headsets, there are also other prominent headsets in the market.

Are you aware of those headsets? Can you provide your own list of top AR and VR HUDs? We would love to know about your favourites.

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