Friday 22 November 2019
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3 Smart Home Devices with Voice Activation

3 Smart Home Devices with Voice Activation

Now you can talk to your smart home and control when the lights need to be turned on or off. Speech recognition technology has advanced over the years and now home automation is not just limited to apps or scheduling devices to do the job. Different companies including startups as well as big names in the industry have developed devices with which you will get a voice-controlled smart home.

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Here are 3 gadgets which will let you talk to your smart home.

  • Apple HomeKit

Siri, the AI assistant which is found in Apple devices, is well known for its voice feature. Now with HomeKit, Apple has introduced Siri to smart homes. HomeKit is a set of control protocols which have been integrated in the latest version of the iOS. To use Siri in your home, you need to buy a smart-home device which is compatible with HomeKit and you can tell Siri what to do.

  • Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo can be used in a whole lot of ways. You can sync it with Phillips Hue Smart LEDs, Belkin WeMo, Wink-Hub connected gadgets and the cloud-connected AI Alexa, that powers Amazon Echo. You can use voice commands and turn things on or off easily. An Amazon Echo channel on IFTTT will allow Alexa to be connected with Twitter, Facebook, and other compatible smart gadgets.

  • Insteon

Insteon teamed up with Microsoft to let users put gadget-specific Live Tiles into the user’s choice of Windows device screen. This partnership has made it possible to use Microsoft’s AI assistant, Cortana. With this device, you can talk to Cortana and ask her to dial up an Insteon thermostat or turn off an Insteon switch.

The company has also opted for Apple HomeKit and developed a version of the Insteon Hub which is compatible with HomeKit.

These are a few of the gadgets which will let you control your smart home with just your voice.

Are you going to try them? Do you use any smart home gadgets? We would like to hear your thoughts on this.


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