Thursday 21 November 2019
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Roost Smart Battery Turns Your Smoke Alarms into Connected Devices

Roost Smart Battery Turns Your Smoke Alarms into Connected Devices

As we are in the age of Internet of Things, we often feel like installing smart technology in our homes. But it is not always possible as these smart devices often come at a hefty price and it is not easy to just swap old devices for new ones.  Here comes the Roost smart battery which gives you the scope to enjoy a connected home, without buying new smart appliances! The smart battery will bring connectivity and wireless control using a smartphone app to existing carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms.

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Roost Smart Battery

You can monitor your alarms via Wi-Fi. The smart batteries are designed to last five times more than standard 9V batteries. This means you just need to change the batteries only once every five years! The shape of the smart battery is just like the usual alkaline 9V battery and it can be inserted into most of the current smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors. When plugged into these detectors, you will get alerts on your tablet or smartphone using the relevant mobile app for Android and iOS. If you want, you can specify names to each smoke detector so that you can learn the origin of the problem, whether it is occurring in the bedroom or the kitchen.

Crowdfunding and Future Plans

Last year, a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was done for Roost, where it raised almost $100,000. With the increase in its operations, Roost used IoT cloud infrastructure of Facebook which is called Parse. Roost was one of the first important groups to integrate this technology into smart device.

Roel Peeters, CEO of Roost, told Fast Company “Traditionally, the smart home market has been dominated by manufacturers selling what I call shiny white gadgets, typically costing hundreds of dollars. That’s been fascinating, and the direction people in industry have been going. We think that’s not very mainstream. That’s why our approach…is leveraging what you have already, the smoke alarm you have, the Wi-Fi access you have, and the phone you have.”

Since the battery is said to last five years, Peeters was asked what would happen if the company is not around at that time. Peeters said that the company is already planning ahead and is already selling replacements packs which can be obtained for $15 apiece.

You can pre-order the smart battery on Amazon. A single battery costs $34.99 and a double pack will cost you $64.99. Shipping will start directly from Amazon in September.

What about you? Will you be pre-ordering the Roost smart battery? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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