Thursday 12 December 2019
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Robot Chef: The Ultimate High-Tech Personal Chef for You

Robot Chef: The Ultimate High-Tech Personal Chef for You

Now you will be able to taste some of the best dishes and that too in your kitchen. No, you won’t have to go through the hassles of looking for recipes or doing the cooking. Your job will be to just sit and enjoy the dish. The entire job will be done by a robotic chef that will chop, sauté, stir and serve. Moley, the company behind the robotic chef used two robotic arms from Shadow Robot, a company which specializes in building robots and accessories. How does the robot work? Let us find out from this post.

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How does the Robot Work?

A pair of robotic arms hangs from the top of a conventional kitchen which has an oven, a hob, sink and work surface. The arms can match the deftness of human hands. They work with the same pace as a professional chef and run through commands issued through an iPhone app.

Mark Oleynik, the inventor of the robotic arms said “Whether you love food and want to explore different cuisines, or fancy saving a favorite family recipe for everyone to enjoy for years to come, the Automated Kitchen can do this. It is not just a labor saving device – it is a platform for our creativity. It can even teach us how to become better cooks.”

The robot chef is controlled remotely with the smartphone app. You can tell it to start cooking before you leave for office. They are programmed to replicate recipes. But they are not completely automatic yet. To replicate the dishes, the ingredients have to be placed in a certain manner.  The robot can also place dirty dishes in the sink.

The Future

The current robotic arms are however, not quite ready for home kitchen. A lot of specific programming has to be done to make it work and mimic the actions of a great chef. But like a real chef, it cannot taste the result before serving it to you. But, if you are okay with a recipe being made in the same way again and again, this robotic chef could be useful for you.

According to Moley, the consumer version will have a storage system and fridge integrated in it, which the robot will be able to access. This will be possible with the help of motion capture cameras. These can also help amateur home cooks to record their work and share online with other robot owners.

The Moley robotic chef is expected to go on sale in 2017.

Are you going to try out the robotic chef? Do you think this will ease your cooking woes? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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