Thursday 21 November 2019
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Home Automation Goes Mainstream with Google and Apple

Home Automation Goes Mainstream with Google and Apple

Home automation is becoming the next big thing. The rate at which smart devices are being developed, we could definitely hope that our home will become a completely “smart” place to live in with all devices being connected to each other.  Internet of Things is another buzzword which is associated with home automation. It is expected that the home automation technology will soon go mainstream as big brands like Apple and Google have already made entry into this space. There are devices which have been released by these companies to take our homes into a smart space.

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  • Google Brillo

With Google I/O developers conference, it can be expected that Google will come up with new smart technology for your home. Google has unveiled the Brillo at this year’s conference. This OS appears to be a refined version of Android@Home, another Google’s product which was launched three years back but had fizzled out.

Brillo-powered devices could be set up in an affordable manner in inexpensive home devices like doorbells, light bulbs and shower heads.

  • Apple Home

Apple will also be hosting The Worldwide Developers Conference in two weeks. Apple is set to release its home automation platform the HomeKit which was unveiled last year at the conference. Apple even said that they plan to make announcements about third-party home automation products which will be available in June.

Apple Watch could be used to control the HomeKit-enabled devices. At the WWDC, Apple might unveil Version 9 of iOS and this latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system might include a home automation app called Home.

Even Apple TV could serve as a hub for HomeKit devices and the iOS devices could control them.

While Google and Apple are the major participants, when it comes to mainstreaming of home automation, other big names like Samsung, Huawei, have also developed products which could turn your dumb home into a smart one.

The race for smart devices to smarten up your home is on. With Google and Apple entering the scene, the competition will become even bigger.

Do you use any smart device in your home? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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