Thursday 21 November 2019
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Apple HomeKit- Everything You Need to know about Connected Devices

Apple HomeKit- Everything You Need to know about Connected Devices

Consumers can now finally get hold of the connected devices of Apple HomeKit. A few of the devices have started rolling out from third-party manufacturers. These connected devices will work with Siri on your iOS device. The HomeKit accessories range from lights, to sensors, to smart outlets, to thermostats and are manufactured by different companies in the home industry. Let us check out some of the first connected devices of HomeKit that you can buy.

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  • ecobee3

Ecobee, the connected thermostat manufacturer is adding HomeKit to its ecobee3 hardware. It is suitable for houses that have many rooms and require climate control. The temperature in different rooms is monitored at the same time, thereby saving energy and maximizing comfort.

With HomeKit, ecobee3 owners can control things with Apple TV component and group actions together so that they can be controlled via Siri.

It will be available in July in Best Buy, Home Depot and Amazon for $249. If you need extra sensors, you have to pay $79 for each pair.

  • Elgato Eve

This is a set of wireless sensors which are connected and can monitor important factors like indoor as well as outdoor temperature, humidity and air pressure. There are four sensors in the box which include Weather, Room, Energy and Door.

iOS device users with version 8.1 or above can use HomeKit to check all the stats that are collected by Elgato Eve from the mobile devices, even when they are not in home using Apple TV.

You can pre-order your set from Amazon and now. Apple Store will sell Eve from July. The app is free but the sensors are sold separately at $49.95 for Eve Weather, $79.99 for Eve Room, $39.95 for Eve Door & Window and $49.95 for Eve Energy.

  • Insteon Hub

Using the Insteon Hub with HomeKit lets users control all the Insteon connected devices which include plug-in lamps, LED bulbs, wall outlets, thermostats, door locks, cameras and more. The company is providing a new version of the Insteon+ app for iOS 8.1 or later, which will also work with devices which are enabled with HomeKit.

You can get the new Hub from or for $149.99. In early July, it will be available in physical stores.

Apart from these connected devices for HomeKit, other devices have also been released which include iHome iSP5 SmartPlug and Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge. The former is a smart plug with which you can plug in any device and turn it into an intelligent one. Its pricing hasn’t been announced yet. The Smart Bridge is a wireless lighting hub and the HomeKit version will let you control the lights in certain areas. You can get it for $229.95 from Apple Store.

Are you going to buy any of the devices mentioned above? Which one do you think is the most helpful? We would like to hear your thoughts.



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