Monday 18 November 2019
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BOLD Knot: World’s Fastest Charging Powerbank

BOLD Knot: World’s Fastest Charging Powerbank

How often have you faced a situation when your battery died out in the middle of an important call? How many times have you thought of getting something portable to charge your phone easily? Well, now your worries could be resolved. There are external battery packs which are not exactly compact and you might find it uncomfortable to carry them in your pocket. If you are looking for a smaller and more compact charger, the BOLD Knot will be the ideal choice for you. The charging cable is running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds.

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Small Spherical Charging Cable

The BOLD Knot is a small spherical charging cable which you could easily mistake as a random keychain accessory. It acts as an external battery pack which can bring your dead phone back to life in those emergency situations.

The cable is wrapped in a para-cord material and is optimized to charge up your phone with a USB cable of twice the speed than normal, when it is attached to your laptop. This is possible as BOLD Knot blocks data communication between your smartphone and your computer and does not concentrate on syncing. Once the phone is recharged, it recharges itself. The cable is compact, non-descript and functional.

You will get three hours of extra battery life with which you get a boost of charge to carry out your necessary actions.  You can listen to music, make calls, read messages or even navigate the map. A single charge will let you listen to 8 hours of music, carry on 2.5 hours of internet surfing and 3 hours of talking.

Indiegogo Campaign

Right now an Indiegogo campaign is running to raise funds for this cable. The total funding goal was a modest $15,000 USD, which has long been achieved. The campaign has still 36 days to go. If you want, you can pledge your funds for this device.

You can get your own BOLD Knot for an early bird price of $39. Three units of BOLD Knot at $99, has already been sold out. You can either opt for a unit with a micro-USB or a Lightning plug. Shipping will be free in the US and is expected to start from October.

Are you going to pledge your funds for this campaign? Do you use any external battery pack? We would love to hear your thoughts.



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