Thursday 21 November 2019
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Zackees: World’s First Turn-Signal Gloves for Cyclists

Zackees: World’s First Turn-Signal Gloves for Cyclists

Cyclists will now get an advanced safety measure, thanks to turn signal gloves. Zach Vorhies, a former Google software engineer has developed these turn signal gloves for bicyclists which is called the Zackees Turn Signal Gloves. These gloves light up when they are held briefly together. When you take a turn, a blinking turn signal will show up at the back of your hand. This lets the motorists behind you to know that you are going to take a turn and on which side. In order to help you gain more control of your bike, there is also a layer of grip in the palm.

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How does it Work?

As a set of metal rivets and sensors connect, the circuit which lights up the gloves, brightens. When the connection occurs, the metal rivets click and give you additional feedback, thereby informing you that they have activated. When you hold your pointer finger and thumb together, the blinking turn indicator is activated. As the rivets are separated, the light turns off. You could also set a time, after which the light would automatically turn off in order to save the batteries.

The position of the light on the palm and side, works with the natural arm motion that cyclists make to give others an indication about a turn they are going to take.

Safety for Others

The glove has batteries which are rechargeable or you could use coin batteries which are found at many hardware stores. With a single charge, the gloves will work for around two months if you are cycling daily for some time. The batteries will run out faster if you are practicing for a triathlon. You can machine wash the gloves easily in spite of the electrical components.

The people at Zackees say that apart from cyclists, even joggers, motorcyclists and those going for night walks, can be safer if they wear these turn signal gloves.

The Zackees gloves were funded successfully through a crowdfunding campaign on 7th January, last year. The first production has already been delivered and now if you want to get the gloves, you can get it from the Zackees website. A pair of gloves will cost $55, if you want to buy rechargeable batteries, you can get the entire set at $65.

Are you going to buy these gloves? Have you used any similar products earlier? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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