Saturday 18 January 2020
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5 Devices That Could Make Your Home Smarter in 2015

5 Devices That Could Make Your Home Smarter in 2015

Futuristic gadgets and gizmos can make your home a smarter place to live. With a few days to go for CES 2015, we can expect to see some interesting tech developments in this event. In 2015, you can expect the emergence of some of the best smart home devices which will take the smart home market forward. If you want to know about these devices, have a look at this post.

Here we have provided 5 of the smart home devices which you could expect in the New Year.

  • NUZii – Smart life Platforms

World's first Smart life platforms                      Image:

You may know about the Nest thermostat which can be controlled with its smartphone app remotely. We expect to have more such portable home tech products. NUZii is a small smart router which you can carry in your pocket as you travel. You can utilize it for secure browsing even while travelling. With time, you may use more such life platforms in your home as the difference gets blurred on what is a part of your smart home and what isn’t.

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  • Brio – Smarter outlets

Brio: The World's Safest, Smartest Power Outlet                 Image:

These smart outlets could provide you more than turning devices on and off remotely. These outlets would be network connected and help in analyzing behavior of users and act accordingly. For example, unused devices which still draw vampire power could have its power cut and save money for the homeowners. Brio is a similar product which remains off until an actual plug is inserted in it instead of a fork or finger, thereby removing the risk of electric shock. A USB port could make the outlets even better.

  • MAID Oven – Smart kitchen

MAID Oven – Smart kitchen                        Image:

Smart devices will be designed to keep track of the owners’ health. You can expect to see smart air purifiers which can cleanse the air and notify you when your allergic reactions might crop up. Motion detectors in the house may track your movements. A Kickstarter project is already on for a microwave oven which can keep count of your calories. A software update to the appliance that is being developed could help in providing the users with a suggestion of healthy recipes.

  • Wink Hub – Smart home hubs

Wink Hub – Smart home hubs                               Image:

Smart devices in the beginning could help you decrease the thermostat remotely. You were able to turn the lights on before you came home. Then hubs were developed which integrated all these small tasks in one place. Devices will be developed in the coming days which will be in the same mindset as a hub but will provide much more than that. For example, instead of just developing a smart thermometer, developers will now concentrate more on turning your entire medicine cabinet into a more synchronized and intelligent one.

  • Cubic – Voice controls

Cubic, a voice-activated AI device                         Image:

Cubic is a device which can be activated using your voice. It can interpret remarks like “I am hot” by turning on the fan. Homey, Ubi and Amazon Echo provide devices with different shapes that work in a similar fashion. We already control our phones with Siri and Google Now and it is not far behind when similar applications will be in our home. Ovens and light sockets which can be controlled with our voice are already in the market.

These are some of the smart devices which we can hope to see in 2015. If you know about any smart device which can improve your home, share it with us.

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