Monday 9 December 2019
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Revive Your Star Wars Memories with R2-D2 Refrigerator

Revive Your Star Wars Memories with R2-D2 Refrigerator

Star Wars might have released a long time back, but now you can get your hands on a more useful droid than the C-3PO that featured in Star Wars. The R2-D2 is a remote controlled refrigerator which has been released by Haier Asia. Now you don’t have to walk up to your refrigerator to get a bottle of water or beer. Your refrigerator will move around as per your command. The device is useful and it also gives you the feeling that you are living in a place where droids serve you drinks. The mobile fridge looks just like the Star Wars robot.

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What will the R2-D2 Feature?

The same dimensions, flashing lights and sounds will be featured in the R2-D2 fridge, just like the original robot in the film. The head swiveling movements will be there along with distinctive robot speak series of beeps. These sounds can be interpreted by the Star War characters.

The droid is a recreation of the on-screen Artoo, thanks to a deal between Walt Disney and Haier Asia.  The remote controlled bot can roll into the living room of the users and serve drinks to guests, similar to Jabba’s sail barge.

Droid Refrigerator Unveiling Event

The beverage carrying droid refrigerator was displayed at an event in Tokyo by Yoshiaki Ito, CEO of Haier Asia. He brought the droid on stage, opened the fridge door which is on its front panel and got a cool drink for himself. The demo showed that the robot fridge is not just a concept device but it is a real product.

The pricing for the R2-D2 refrigerator has not yet been announced but consumers can get it in 2016.

Other Announcements

Other announcements were also made at the event. They included a series of covers for regular refrigerators which features characters from the Star Wars like Darth Vader, C-3PO and stormtroopers and also posters from the film series. Marvel characters like Iron Man also featured in the fridge covers.

The R2-D2 refrigerator is not the first life-sized replica of the robot. Nor it is the first robot that can serve drinks across a room. However, it could become the first mobile cooler which could see mass production.

What do you think about the robot? Will you be using it if it is commercially available? We would like to hear your thoughts.



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