Monday 9 December 2019
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Musio- World’s First Artificially Intelligent Robot Friend

Musio- World’s First Artificially Intelligent Robot Friend

AKA, a natural language, artificial intelligence and machine learning company, has announced that it will be developing a robot with which you can talk to and it will answer back. That’s not all! It will also control your smart home and make your life even easier. The robot is named Musio and runs on A.I engine that has been developed by the company. It can actually carry out a normal conversation with you. It remembers the details of any earlier conversation and asks follow-up questions. Based on the info, it can be used as a smart home controller.

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Musio wants to be your best friend. It asks you questions, listens to your answers and learns about you. You can carry on a normal conversation with Musio and it can also perform magic tricks with the Bluetooth connections to smart devices. With Musio, you can have fun and also improve your English and other learning activities.

There are add-on packs which the developers can use to program the robot with accelerometers, Arduino-compatible boards and Zigbee modules. Packs are also there which can help the kids with vocabulary, reading and conversational skills.

Musio is in its working prototype form right now. It does not act as a voice assistant unlike Cortana and Siri. Instead it behaves like a being itself with its questions and answers. Based on the responses you provide, your preferences are saved and relayed on to other users. You can find information on the Web and send emails with your voice.


The software which is at the heart of Musio is an A.I engine called Muse. The software was first developed by AKA as an English tutor and it can also be used as a learning device to drive TOEFL-prep products and editing software. The product is aimed at the US market and as per the company, the robot’s functionalities will improve over time.

Musio is running a crowfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The total funding goal is $50,000 USD out of which more than half has been funded. The campaign has 33 days to go and it can be expected that the goal will be achieved. If you want, you can pre-order a “simple brain” version of the robot at $99.

Are you going to pledge your funds for the campaign? Do you think this will be an interesting development? We would like to hear your thoughts.


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