Thursday 21 November 2019
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JIBO- The World’s First Social Robot

JIBO- The World’s First Social Robot

We are increasingly depending on gadgets and other smart devices to make our life easier and simpler. Your life would be more interactive if you could get a gadget which would answer your questions or give you suggestions about different things. Now, the JIBO robot will take group computer interaction in the home to a new level. JIBO is a social robot with which you can talk, make requests and ask questions. The robot will talk back and provide answers to the users. It also sets up reminders or surfs the web on your behalf. It has been designed to act as a helper and partner in your household work. It is like a physical embodiment of Google Now, Siri, or other voice-activated concierge services that are present on our smart devices.

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What can you Expect from JIBO?

JIBO is a social robot and acts like a participant of your family. With a big round head and a face that “looks” around the room. The body of the robot is bulbous and is one foot tall. It can rotate its body to address the person who is speaking. When the robot turns to face you, it even leans a bit towards you, giving the feeling as if it’s listening more intently.

JIBO can take videos and photos. It can pull up information from an app or the web and also acts a teleconferencing device. You can use the robot to queue up videos or books you want to read. It uses a voice and facial recognition along with the app and provides personalized experiences for the user. Order your favorite meal or see an e-book on the face screen, changing it into an interactive reading experience. It can even greet you when you come back to your home or give you a reminder about any important phone call that you have to make.

How Does it Work?

Facial and human recognition is one of the crucial features of JIBO. It uses a stereo camera system to differentiate people from their background environment, which helps it to recognize when a person is in the room. By recognizing faces, it knows which human it is talking to.

A 360 degree mic array which helps the robot to carry out sound isolation and identify when a person is talking to it, even if he/she is not right next to it. Its voice and other audio are supplied by dual speakers. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi provides the connectivity. The quad-core processor is the brain of the robot while its face comprises of a circular LCD touchscreen and it has a touch responsive plastic “skin.” The top section of the robot spins all the way across the base with a 3 axis motor system.

It has successfully been funded through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and if you have missed out the campaign, you can still pre-order your JIBO robot from here.

Have you pre-ordered the robot? Are you going to do it? We would like to hear your thoughts.


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