Monday 18 November 2019
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Hadrian- A Robot That can Build House in Just Two Days

Hadrian- A Robot That can Build House in Just Two Days

It seems the days for waiting to get your dream home built quickly, will soon be over. Fastbrick Robotics, a company in West Australia, is planning to bring a commercial machine in the market within a few years. They have developed a robot named Hadrian which as per their claim, can lay 1000 bricks in an hour and construct the frame of an average house in just two days. The robot is still in its prototype stage. It has been named after the ancient Roman emperor, Hadrian who was crazy about construction.

Mike Pivac, the CEO of Fastbrick Robotics said “He built a lot of walls for the Romans. We also intend on building a lot of walls.”

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Hadrian in Work

The technology has been developed by Mark Pivac, the CTO of Fastbrick Robotics. Hadrian can take a ton of bricks, handle and process them and lay them without any manual help. There is a 3D computer assisted design file which makes sure that the robot can cut through, make routes and lay the bricks to a high precision level using a 28 meter telescopic boom.

Almost any brick size can be handled by Hadrian. From a set position, routing of channels for plumbing and electrical structures that will fit with the wall, is also taken into account by Hadrian along with doors and windows.

Once installed, the robot can work 24 hours without any break. The manipulator arm can place bricks so fast that around 150 houses can be built in a year or a single house in two days. The robot has to be carried by a truck and powered by either a local power source or a generator.

Bricklayers Still in Need (For Now)

This doesn’t mean that the need for bricklayers is over now. For now, the company will still require bricklayers. According to Pivac, when in operation in Australia, there will be a human on-site bricklayer and a machine operator to maintain quality. The company hopes that the technology will eventually be used in other countries apart from Australia.

Pivac said they don’t feel the construction industry will pose any challenge to this robot. He said “They see the bricklaying process as a real bottleneck. The construction process needs to be made more efficient.”

He added “[Bricklaying is] a very laborious and repetitious trade, and not one attractive to young people anymore. It’s the next evolution of their trade.”

We can expect that in the future, Hadrian will ease up the building process and make it much faster. This will be a boon for the builders as well as the home owners.

What do you think about Hadrian? Will it be useful for the construction workers? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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