Saturday 18 January 2020
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Drive Safely With CarVi- The Connected Driving Assistant

Drive Safely With CarVi- The Connected Driving Assistant

Driving is about to get safer, thanks to new technologies that are being developed each day. Smart technology is improving our lives in more ways than one. From making our home smart to giving us an edge while on the street, smart technology is everywhere. CarVi is one such device which uses smart technology to make driving safer. It uses a tiny dashboard camera which you can easily install in your car and “listen” to it.

How Does it Work?

The dashboard cam collects data and connects with the driver’s smartphone. CarVi analyzes the video which is collected by the camera in real time. Visual and audible warnings are delivered to you if a potential danger is detected.

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What Does it Do?

  • Monitors Your Lane Position

You can change lanes safely with CarVi in your car as it monitors your position in the lane you are driving, along with the location of the car which is in front of you.

  • Video Recording

As a dash cam, different videos will be recorded while driving. You can transfer the videos from the memory card to your phone and watch it later.

  • Helps in Avoiding Tailgating

The device keeps track of your distance from the car ahead of you. Before you come dangerously close to the car, you will get the warning. It will also help you avoid tailgating by helping you maintain a safe distance.

  • Efficient use of Gas

CarVi will help in improving your driving habits and it will teach you how to efficiently use gas and get into the traffic flow without any difficulty.

  • Adjusting Driving Habits

With time, CarVi will learn your driving habit and help you make adjustments to avoid reckless driving.

Even if you turn off your engine, it will keep on working. Your driving data will be provided on the smartphone interface. You will see in which areas you need to improve and where you are doing well. You will also get your driving “SKOR” for the day. You will get required suggestions about how to improve your driving skills with CarVi.

The CarVi system includes a smartphone app and a dashboard cam. Currently it can be obtained at an affordable price of $299.

With CarVi, you can avoid distracted driving and your safety on road will improve significantly.

What’s your thought?

Do you use any smart technology to have a safe driving? Are you going to use CarVi? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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