Saturday 18 January 2020
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Get a Canon XC10 and You can Shoot Amazing 4K Videos

Get a Canon XC10 and You can Shoot Amazing 4K Videos

Last week, Canon introduced the XC10 4K Digital Camcorder which features static multimedia and video potential that uses the most advanced 4K imaging system of the company till date. You can record 4K and full HD video as well as still images of 12 MP. One of the amazing features of this camcorder is that you can extract 8MP stills from a 4K video that you have recorded.

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The camcorder has a one-inch, 12 MP CMOS sensor, SanDisk 64GB CFast 2.0 card, a card reader and 10X wide-angle zoom lens which has a 2X digital teleconverter. The Optical Image Stabilization technology of Canon helps the shooters in keeping a steady hand.

Yuichi Ishizuka, the president and COO of Canon USA said “With the introduction of the XC10 4K Digital Camcorder, we are looking to deliver a robust new camcorder that will allow for an ever expanding creative expression. Enabling the virtually seamless capture of stunning 4K video with the added convenience of still image capture and 4K frame extraction, XC10 users are empowered with multiple ways to share their artistic visions.”

The XC10 is set to be released in June and will cost you $2,499. With the Canon XC10, the company is introducing the new and advanced 4K imaging technology. According to the company, the CMOS sensor of the camcorder “delivers up to 12 stops of dynamic range for impressive detail in both highlights and lowlights, whether the user is shooting video or still photos”. On the other hand, the 10X wide angle zoom lens “offers a 35mm-equivalent zoom ratio of 24.1-241mm for still photos and 27.3-273mm for movies.”

How does the Camcorder work?

The performance of the camcorder is possible due to the next-gen DIGIC DV5 signal processor of Canon. This makes 4K video acquisition possible. It also helps in 5-axis full HD image stabilization and recording in slow and fast motion.

To maintain the still image and the video quality, the camcorder uses two new codecs- XF-AVC Long GOP for Full HD recording and XF-AVC Intra codec for 4K recording. News agencies and journalists will find the XC10 helpful for their work as it provides a platform that can “easily expand into 4K Electronic News Gathering (ENG) coverage.”

Here are some features which PCMag covered:

  • Can record in Canon Log Gamma, Wide DR, or EOS Standard picture modes for increased versatility in color correction, and allows for greater ease in matching looks with footage from other cameras within the Cinema EOS camera system.
  • Has a dedicated focusing ring and a conveniently placed Push AF button to allow for reliable manual focusing operation, while a Continuous AF mode with Face Detection lets users shoot confidently in challenging shooting environments, knowing that the camcorder can hold critical focus while tracking subject movement.
  • Has dedicated microphone and headphone jacks along with a built-in microphone for professional sound monitoring.
  • Sports a Vari-Angle LCD monitor featuring a capacitive touch-panel for simple intuitive control, paired with a rotating hand grip to maximize users’ ability to shoot both movies and still images from virtually any angle.
  • Incorporates built-in dual-band 5GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless networking capabilities to provide remote camcorder operability through a Web browser, a compatible smartphone, or a tablet.
  • Allows users to wirelessly preview recorded images in a browser without transferring media from the camcorder.
  • Can be used hand-held or with camera-support accessories, such as ultra-low-angle car mounts or even drones.
  • Offers slow- and fast-motion recording, multiple picture settings with a variety of looks, and interval shooting for time-lapse still photography.
  • Utilizes a mechanical shutter for still photography to help eliminate rolling-shutter distortion, and delivers up to 3.8 frames-per-second performance, support for multiple aspect ratios, and compatibility with EOS system accessories such as the popular Battery Pack LP-E6N, Speedlite flash units, Canon GPS receivers, and remote controllers.
  • Features a built-in ND filter, and ISO speeds can be set from 160 to 20,000 for exceptional flexibility in a wide range of lighting conditions.
  • Supports optional Canon accessories including a Direct Viewfinder for eye-level shooting in bright conditions.

The XC10 is compact and lightweight, compared to the high performance it offers. A device which is fully loaded and packed with an LP-E6N battery pack and two memory cards, weighs only 2.3 pounds. It measures around 4.9 X 4.9 X 4.8 inches.

So, if you want to record amazing 4K videos, you have to wait till June.

Are you going to get the XC10 camcorder? Which gadget do you like the best? We would like to hear your thoughts.


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