Thursday 21 November 2019
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WhatSim Provides Free WhatsApp Access Anywhere in the World

WhatSim Provides Free WhatsApp Access Anywhere in the World

When it comes to instant messaging services, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular services worldwide within a few years. The company has recently announced 700 millions active users in a month. Other companies are trying to gain from the popularity of the service by creating new innovations which will draw the attention of the huge consumer base of WhatsApp. One such company is Zeromobile, a company based in Italy. It has launched a SIM, known as WhatSim, which will only work with WhatsApp. With this SIM, users will be able to use the messaging app without paying any roaming charges, when they are travelling across 150 countries.

WhatSim-The WhatsApp-only SIM

The WhatsApp-only SIM comes with a plan which helps consumers use the app free of cost, instead of paying any normal roaming charges. Manuel Zanella, the founder and CEO of Zeromobile said “WhatsApp is the future of mobile communications. Its only “limit” is the data connection especially when you are traveling because the roaming charges are expensive and you can’t always find Wi-Fi everywhere and it is not always free. As someone who appreciates and uses WhatsApp, I tried to figure out how to get around this problem. That’s why WhatSim is an extraordinary opportunity for WhatsApp.”

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Users will be able to get the WhatSim for EUR 10 and have unlimited text messaging for a year. Users will be able to send and receive text messages and update locations free of cost. But, if they want to share multimedia messages like videos and photos and voice messages, they have to purchase credits. The amount of the credits that you have to purchase will depend on the location you are travelling to.

Zanella added that “The solution we have developed is simple and intuitive. With €5 you get 1000 credits that you can use, for instance, to exchange 50 photos or 10 videos in many countries around the world. There are no limits to sharing your position and contacts. This way we guarantee the utmost transparency. Buying a recharge is quick and easy: just go to our website even from your smartphone and soon even from a dedicated app.”

Availability of the SIM

You will be able to buy WhatSim from the official website. The company is also planning to make the SIM available through a “network of local distributors in over 100 countries.”

Earlier attempts at using a SIM with unlimited WhatsApp usage were limited to a certain location only. But now, with WhatSim, it is spread to more than 100 countries.

Are you going to use WhatSim? Do you think more such innovations should be made? We would like to hear your thoughts.



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