Monday 18 November 2019
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How ‘Smart’ can You be by Using Smart Technology?

How ‘Smart’ can You be by Using Smart Technology?

We are currently in an age where we depend on smart technology to get our work done smoothly. The word ‘smart’ is one of the words that we use the most nowadays. While some people now cannot imagine a life without any smart technology in it, others are still skeptic about its use. The question that arises is whether with the use of smart technology, we can really become smart or not. Are we becoming more intelligent or getting more dependent on technology? Let us have a look at this post where can understand whether we are really getting smarter or dumb.

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What does “Smartness” Mean Now?

In today’s world, the word “smartness” has an all new meaning. It means how machines can bring a particular class of sophistication in our daily lives. The tools get sophisticated with smart technology which in turn boosts our capacities for action and thought. This makes us feel that we are getting smarter. We live in an era where we are dependent on machine intelligence, right from smart glasses to smart cars. Machine dependency is what we term as our ‘smartness’.

Unexpected Vulnerability

The power that smart technologies provide to us also comes with an unexpected vulnerability. Smart technology has the power to hurt us the most. This is because just like our overprotective parents, the more they try to help us, the more they end up hurting us.

Failing to develop on the personal front is not the only hurt that we might get. With smart technology, the most basic tools and services that we need in our daily lives require complex global infrastructure. The more the complexity, the more vulnerable the tool becomes to unexpected disasters like power outages. With the vulnerability of the tools we rely upon, we also become weak along with them.

Relying excessively on smart technology thus makes us vulnerable.

Using Intelligently

This does not mean that smart devices will make you stupid. It is your responsibility to use it intelligently. You can enjoy the benefits that such devices provide if you do not just blindly use the smart tools. Just like finance, technology might come crashing down. If you are among those who are completely dependent on technology, you will feel most stupid if that technology crashes, even temporarily.

So, use your own intelligence and rely on smart devices accordingly.

What’s your way of using smarty technology? Do you rely blindly on it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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