Thursday 21 November 2019
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Ubuntu Launches Operating System for Smart Device

Ubuntu Launches Operating System for Smart Device

The focus on the Internet of Things is now more than ever before and more devices are being developed which will be connected to the web. The number of solutions and systems that these devices will need are also increasing. Canonical is one of the companies in this race and they are developing an operating system which is aimed at smart devices. The operating system is known as Ubuntu Core.

Refined Version of Ubuntu OS

The Ubuntu Core operating system for smart devices is a refined version of Ubuntu OS. It has been cut down so that it is compatible with smart devices. According to Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, Ubuntu Core OS is “…the secure platform for super-smart stuff, with an app store that brings the very latest software straight to your device and easy connections to every cloud”.

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Ubuntu already supports the work of the Open Source Robotics Foundation. This is further extended by the Ubuntu Core. This OS facilitates the app store of the Robotics Foundation for open robot.

Consistency among Smart Devices Build

The consistency in the way of building the smart devices is nil. This becomes a problem with the increase in the use of smart devices. However, with Ubuntu Core, it will now be possible for commercial device vendors to have a consistent OS base on which the smart devices can be built and the software updates can be delivered automatically.

The first instance of the use of Ubuntu Core is the Erle-Copter, a drone which will have automatic security and can be updated with extra facilities from the app store.

Ninja Blocks, creators of open smart controller, Ninja Sphere, are unveiling a store and a home app platform based on this latest OS.

Daniel Friedman, CEO of Ninja Blocks said “The open Ninja Sphere controller based on Ubuntu Core is a perfect base for building apps that interact with devices and sensors in your home. We look forward to the growth of a new ecosystem of inventors and creators and are delighted to provide them with a blank canvas for their creativity.”

Both on smart devices and on cloud, the platform will be consistent with Ubuntu Core. This means that simulation can happen in the cloud and then it can be set up in the live devices. With Ubuntu Core, it will be easier to create the smart devices.

Have you used the Ubuntu operating system? What do you think about Ubuntu Core? We would love to hear your views.



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