Thursday 12 December 2019
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uBeam Uses Ultrasound to Power Your Phone Wirelessly

uBeam Uses Ultrasound to Power Your Phone Wirelessly

Have you ever thought of a day when you could charge your mobile devices in a portable way? If you are tired of the wires you have to plug in almost every day to charge your smartphones, now you could find some alternative way. uBeam will now bring in wireless charging for the users. The company has found a way to send energy using ultrasound. It can charge devices even 15 feet away. Another charging case has also been invented by the company which allows charging even while you are on the move.

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uBeam Transmitter

The initial prototypes of the uBeam technology were non-portable and bulky. However, now the prototype that has been developed by the company can be used by customers without any difficulty.

The transmitter of uBeam uses ultrasonic transduction for wireless charging of devices. Power is taken by the transmitters from the electrical system of a building. It then converts the power into ultrasonic waves and then sends those vibrations towards a device which has a relevant receiver.

The receiver then converts the ultrasonic waves back to energy which is then used to charge the device.

uBeam’s transmitters apparently can charge devices at a rate similar to the one if you plug in your device into a power outlet.

Advantages of uBeam Wireless Charging

There are many advantages of the wireless charging system of uBeam.

  • The main advantage is safety. The device is really safe to use as the ultrasonic waves used in this are similar to the ultrasound scans of babies who are in the womb.
  • The affordability is another benefit. As per a source, the receivers cost around $50 or less.
  • The transmitters are sleek and can be attached to your mobile device without looking awful.
  • The waves can also act as data transmitter. This means uBeam could become a medium to connect to the Internet of Things devices.
  • The best thing about this is the distance at which it can charge devices wirelessly. Even if the device is moving at a distance of 15 feet, wireless charging is possible with uBeam. If a room is fitted with these transmitters, you can easily carry around your phone and charge it.

In future, the uBeam transmitters could be used in coffee shops, shopping malls and other areas where people will be able to charge their mobile devices without any difficulty.

What’s your take on this wireless charging transmitter? Will you be using it? We would like to hear your thoughts.



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