Thursday 12 December 2019
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Toshiba Unveils 3 New Camera Modules for Google Project Ara

Toshiba Unveils 3 New Camera Modules for Google Project Ara

You might already be aware of Google’s Project Ara by now. If not, here is a quick insight on this latest project by Google. Project Ara is a smartphone from Google which will allegedly be unveiled later this year. From this smartphone, you can expect double power, better cameras and even speaker like sounds. Toshiba has teamed up with the tech giant for this project. Recently, Toshiba previewed samples for some of the first third-party modules for Project Ara.

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Three New Camera Modules

Three new modules of camera were unveiled by Toshiba for the latest prototype of Project Ara. They include a 3MP front-facing camera, a 5MP and 13MP rear-facing camera. The 13MP camera module has high frame abilities and a bright mode. The features make the Project Ara stronger. In fact, the features will bring the smartphone prototype closer to the flagship-level constituents which were promised by Google at the last developer conference held for Project Ara.

This update comes at a time when Google is closer to bringing out the Project Ara from its labs to the hands of the consumers. The prototypes of Ara are made up of a shell and a set of modules which can be swapped. These modules let individual constituents like the processor or the camera to be traded out separately from the reaming parts of the handset.

Availability of Ara

The new modules of Toshiba have been made for the second version of the Project Ara prototype- The Spiral 2. This version was unveiled at the developer conference for this project which was held in January. Google plans to develop one more prototype-the Spiral 3, before the smartphones are unveiled for the consumers in Puerto Rico.

The first units will be up for sale next year in Puerto Rico. Google will be selling Ara phones in mobile storefronts like the foodtrucks. This will be done to gauge the consumers’ response to the new Android smartphones. The aim is to make numerous third-party modules like Toshiba’s, available to the consumers eventually.

Google hasn’t yet made any confirmations as to when consumers outside Puerto Rico will be able to get their hands on the Ara smartphones.

Are you waiting for the Ara smartphones? Do you think Google can make it big in the smartphone market with Ara? We would love to hear your views.


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