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Top 10 Best Technologies of 2014 That Changed Our World

Top 10 Best Technologies of 2014 That Changed Our World

2014 saw the emergence of some striking technologies which caused a change in the lives of people from different walks of life. Other technologies which were not up to the mark, simply fizzled out. We have provided you with the top 10 technologies which were a breakthrough.

  • Oculus Rift

Virtual reality has again come to the limelight with Oculus Rift. Its price is good enough for the consumer market and it has virtual reality hardware with high quality. New forms of entertainment will be provided to the consumers with the availability of visually immersive interfaces.

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  • Agricultural Drones

The agricultural drones are easy to use and are fitted with cameras. They can be used to monitor the crops closely, which could in turn help farmers to manage pests and improve water usage.

  • Agile Robots

Human environments can be navigated easily with machines that have been created by computer scientists. These robots are agile enough to walk and run across even rough terrains. This is a breakthrough. Most of the places which are inaccessible through wheeled machines can now be accessed using these agile robots.

  • Brain Mapping

With an advanced brain map, neuroscientists will be able to study the human brain in more details than it was possible ever before. With a high resolution map, the structures which are as small as 20 micrometers can also be seen.

  • Ultraprivate Smartphones

New mobile phones have been built for the consumer market which provides more security and privacy to the users. They can stop advertisers and governments to gather personal information from your mobile phones.

  • Neuromorphic Chips

The conventional computer chips are reaching their basic performance limits. With the neuromorphic chips, artificial intelligence is enhanced. Microprocessors which are configured more like human brains could make computers smarter about their environment.

  • Mobile Collaboration

Since most of the office work today is performed outside the office and while on the go, mobile collaboration was necessary. You will see that in this smartphone age, the productivity software that is required is now finally available. With this, it will be easier to create and edit documents in your mobile devices.

  • Genome Editing

The capacity to create primates with intended mutations by modifying targeted genes can turn out to be very powerful. This genome-tool will help in creating two monkeys which will have exact genetic mutations. With genome editing, it will be easy to study complicated brain disorders in human beings.

  • Microscale 3-D Printing

3D printing is no longer limited to the use of only one material. Now different materials can be used as a filament to create different types of 3D printed objects. Biological tissue with blood vessels can also be 3D printed, thereby helping in creating artificial organs.

  • Smart Wind and Solar Power

The irregular availability of renewable energy can be controlled with this technology. With artificial intelligence and big data, extreme accurate forecasts of solar and wind power can be made which will integrate more renewable energy into the grid.

These are the top ten breakthrough technologies of 2014 which caused a significant change in our lives.

If you are aware of any other striking technologies, you can add to this list. Which technology do you like the most? We would love to hear from you.

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