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R.I.P- 5 Major Tech Products which we Lost in 2014

R.I.P- 5 Major Tech Products which we Lost in 2014

At this time of the year, we are generally busy predicting new developments for the upcoming year or listing out the big achievements gained through the year. However, along with new developments every year sees a host of tech products coming to an end. This year was also the same and some big names in the industry stopped their services or products which were loved by many.

One of the most shocking demise of tech products was undoubtedly the decision of Microsoft to stop the support for Windows XP.

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Check out 5 of the major tech products which we lost in 2014.

  • Windows XP

Windows XP                              Image: djamesk

The decision of Microsoft to end support for Windows XP, its most used operating system, was not taken in good stead by many. However, early adopters have welcomed this news with open arms and have traded their old OS for a new interface of Windows 8.1.

Chinese officials have taken opportunity of this change and banned the use of Windows 8. It is working on launching its own OS which will compete with Google, Microsoft and Apple.

  • Orkut

Orkut shutdown                        Image:

Orkut was Google’s first experiment in social networking. But, the network was unable to make it big in the US. However countries like Brazil had a huge user-base. In fact, in 2010, Facebook was lagging beyond Orkut in Brazil, but that changed in 2011. The decision to shut down Orkut was taken to popularize Google’s latest social networking service, Google+.

  • Facebook Poke App

Facebook Poke App                              Image: nicholasputz

Facebook Poke app was ditched by the social network after it failed to provide any advantage to the users. In the beginning this message, video and photo app seemed promising but it soon fizzled out. The demise of this app has supposedly caused the least uproar among consumers.

  • Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird                                Image Source –

Flappy Bird took up the mobile game industry by storm with its invention. Soon after the game was released, its popularity increased by leaps and bounds. Such was the popularity that its creator Dong Nguyen was unable to take the pressure and in February, he announced in Twitter that he would take down the game. The mobile game will be remembered for its rapid rise and self-destruction in its history.

  • iPod Classic

iPod Classic                                 Image:

Apple has brought in many new developments in 2014 which includes iOS 8, Apple Watch, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and many more. However among the hoards of innovations, the tech giant closed down its iPod Classic quietly. It was a portable media player which continued for six generations.

The demise of Nokia X and MSN Messenger were also a major setback in the tech world.

Do you know about any other tech products which saw their end in 2014? Among the ones mentioned above, which loss has made you sad? Share it in the comments.

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