Monday 18 November 2019
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How Technology can Change the Super Bowl Experience

How Technology can Change the Super Bowl Experience

Depending on people’s perspectives, technology can make or break a game. We are increasingly becoming dependent on technology to make our life easier. So, how would its use in Super Bowl affect the players and the viewers? Would it improve the game or the opposite would happen. There are many ideas which show the use of latest technologies to take the game to an exciting level. Let us have a look at some of the technologies which could make Super Bowl an amazing experience.

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  • Sensor Technology

Fitness trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone, etc. are already a hit among users. They use sensor technology and provide the users with valuable input. In the future, pads, helmets and shirts will have sensors in them which will help in tracking everything. With collectable baseball cards, player stats can be learnt and then used to analyze and compare.

With sensor technology information like average speed, velocity, distance, heart rate, impacts, blood pressure and other variables can be obtained. This can further help in learning about the players’ general health.

Sensors are already finding use in training players. So, with their use during a game of Super Bowl, the entire experience will be enhanced.

  • Smart Technology

The NFL will use radio frequency identification transmitters which will start collecting data of the players. With advanced technology use, real-time information can be obtained on the field. This along with sensors will help the referees to decide about penalties, which could in turn change the game completely.

In addition, if smart tech is placed on the ball, players and field boundaries, managing calls would be easier. This would provide real-time precision data which would show where the players are on the field.

  • Wearable Glasses

Wearables like Google Glass are already being used by many players. As wearable technology becomes cheaper and more durable, each player can wear them and play. This will help the spectators experience the game from the on-field player’s point of view. They can also watch multiple points of views at the same time, like that of the QB and the receiver, the tackler and the tackled, the QB and the lineman.

This POV footage can be made freely available or they could be sold to the viewers.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual reality could be used for training the players. The NFL players could play against their opponents several times without setting foot on the playground. With VR, quarterbacks could simulate numerous defensive formations and reactions of players. This could help them sharpen their playing skills. They could also see how different route-running and blocking scenarios can happen after the ball is snapped.

These are a few technologies which could change the Super Bowl experience for the players, referees as well as the spectators.

What technology would you suggest for use in Super Bowl? Which one did you like the most? We would like to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.


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