Saturday 18 January 2020
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Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Internet Explorer?

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Internet Explorer?

Microsoft is ready for its new version of Windows operating system. However, this time with the release of Windows 10, we will not be getting another new version of Internet Explorer, as has been the norm till now. The company is reportedly working on a new web browser which they have codenamed Spartan. This step could move the company away from Internet Explorer officially when Microsoft Windows 10 is finally launched.

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“Spartan” Browser

The new web browser that Microsoft is working on, will have the look and feel like Chrome and Firefox. However, the new appearance and additional benefits like extensions, does not mean that new technology will be used. Microsoft will be still using its own foundation of current web technology. The Chakra JavaScript and Trident rendering engine will still be used by the new software. This means that we won’t see WebKit, the engine used by Apple Safari, instead of Redmond.

Google has created their own custom variants of the WebKit engine to meet their development requirements.

Internet Explorer- Is it Vanishing?

Like every other release of Windows, we have become habituated to expect a new version of Internet Explorer. However, this time with Windows 10, don’t expect to see Internet Explorer 12. This doesn’t mean that this web browser of a lifetime is vanishing. Even though we rarely use it, it will still be there. For backward compatibility reasons, we will still see Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 10. This means with the next big operating system of Microsoft, we will be getting two browsers; one will be IE 11 and another “Spartan”.

The launch of Windows 10 is expected to take place on 21st January when we can learn more about the new features of the web browser. We will also be able to learn about Microsoft’s plans for Windows 10 on phones and tablets. Spartan may still not be developed enough to be included in the beta Windows builds.

We have to wait till the launch of Windows 10 to learn more in details.

Do you use Internet Explorer? Do you think this a welcome change with the new web browser of Microsoft? We would love to hear your views.



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